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Thong QuestionsRecently I joined in a thong conversation with twitter handles Underweardude and BikinisNThongs that Tim at the Underwear News Briefs put together. If you haven’t read the post check it out here. We’ve decided we would like to collaborate some more and do a readers Q&A type post about thongs. If you have questions about thongs you’d like to ask us, you can submit them in the comments below or use the blue Send me a message. Once we get enough questions in we’ll work on choosing and answering them and then they will be posted on the Underwear News Briefs blog, which I’ll link to from here.

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  1. Tim says:

    To me, UNB looks like more of a gay site. With its photos of groups of men it will not do anything to promote thong wearing amongst straight men. It will deter them because they will think that thongs are for gays only. To promote thongs to straight men, the photos need to be of a man in a thong and women with him. If there is to be another man in the pic, there must be as many or more women as well.

    • UNB is working towards more content for the straight guy. They’ve added several straight guys at the beginning of the year to write content. Two of us in the thong talk are straight. Suppose to be a straight guy talk one coming, but it is stall at the moment. Unfortunately with photographs that comes more from the brands and a lot of them seem to market more to the gay guy. I wrote a post on advertising with male and female, which is here. I’ve heard from several straight guys that is what they’d like to see more of too. There has been some new advertising with man and woman, but not many in bikinis (micro briefs) and thongs. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some changes.

      • T says:

        Hi BD.
        Would I be right in thinking that the thong clad butt in the above picture belongs to your good self? If so,I’m wondering why in the name of Sam Hill are you reluctant to model the underwear that you review in your blog,and why are you nervous about wearing a skimpy speedo on the beach? If I was a rep for a underwear/swimwear company and saw that thonged a** on the beach,I would sign you up pronto. I bet even my Italian friend would be impressed.(lol).

    • T says:

      I have to disagree with your statement that “photos of groups of men will not do anything to promote thong wearing amongst straight men.” I remember it being quite common for groups of men to be photographed together in their underpants in the popular mail order catalogues back in the seventies,eighties and nineties,and there was never any hint that it was aimed at a so called “gay” market,although I’m sure many a gay man spent many a happy hour flicking through the pages of good looking men in their y-fronts etc.
      Posing pouches were also deemed acceptable attire when worn by manly bodybuilders and life models and it would be a brave,or foolhardy guy who would dare to question the masculinity of either.

      My pet hate is the ebay sites that advertise underwear,particularly thongs, as being of “gay interest.”
      I’m sure there are many gay guys who don’t wear thongs,just as there are many straight guys who do.

      Personally I believe the negative attitude of the vast majority of the media towards men’s skimpy underwear/swimwear plays a huge part in dissuading “straight” men from experimenting with skimpier styles.

      • It’s all in how they are portrayed. If you look at women’s advertising like Victoria Secret, they have females grouped together in their shots. I doubt anyone thinks they are gay. Now I don’t know if women tend to hang out in their underwear with each other how their photos show. My guess is most don’t. I’m with you on the sellers that put gay interest in their listings. I will not buy from ones that do, but I don’t buy much from ebay in underwear and swimwear anymore.

  2. Larry Phelan says:

    I have bought most of my throngs and g strings from Kiniki,and while they did cause a bit of a stir in the changing room at my local pool,in the beginning,they got used to them. In time ,many of the lads asked me where I bought them,and I now see quite a few of them wearing throngs.
    Of course most of the older men stick to their baggy boxers. They might not look too well in throngs anyway. Still whatever your age,if you like them,wear them !

  3. Larry Phelan says:

    Throngs and g strings are not available in any of the chain stores over here. One store did stock them many years ago,but not for long. They must not have been a good seller. I was too slow,and too shy to get a pair and then,they were gone ! Never saw them around since. You might get them in some of the sex shops,but they know how to charge. Later on I discovered Kiniki and have bought from them since,but they have changed many of their styles which no longer appeal to me.
    I have been looking at some of the stuff from China,but I cannot understand their chart system,their sizes seem to be total nonsense. My waist size is 34 inches so M UK fits fine.
    Have any of you guys bought from China and how do you work out the correct size ? I dont want to order a supply and then find that I can,t get into them or that they are like a bell tent.

    • thebottomdrawer says:

      I’ve order off of AliExpress from some China suppliers. Typically they have size charts with waist in inches along with centimeters. Most of the time a normal medium with most brand seem to be at least a large for China, but some times it could be an XL. Most of them fit me when I used the supplier’s size chart. I’d say avoid one size fits all. They didn’t work for me. Only had one with different size options that didn’t work when I used the size chart. Then some of the pairs that fit I liked and some I didn’t, but that is how it works when trying new things out. But you aren’t out a lot of money going the China route if you don’t like. If you can’t follow the size chart then may look for a different supplier that has it explained better.

  4. Larry Phelan says:

    That,s what bothers me about these suppliers,it seems to depend on what part of China the stuff comes from,medium,large,extra large seem to different from place to place.
    If they want to sell into Europe or the UK [as they call it ] it should not be a big deal to make their stuff to a common size and then supply a standard chart. No-one wants to end up with a load of stuff that,s no use to them. I have seen some very nice items listed so I might give them a try.
    By the way,did any of you ever try their “C Strings” ? I did,but found them a bit disappointing,in so far as they are not easy to keep in place if you are moving around a lot or stooping while working ect. OK for just walking around in,but they do tend to slip off,and are not too easy to refit in public.

    • T says:

      Over the years, I have bought lots of mainly g-strings from sites in China and Hong Kong and the sizing does tend to be on the small side compared to here in the UK. Most of these sites do have size charts giving you the equivalent sizes for the US and UK,and I remember one site actually gave the height and weight of the guy modelling the underwear.
      The prices are generally very cheap and the postage is often free, so I would suggest it would be worth your while to order a few items to begin with,and if you find something that fits well,send a bigger follow up order the next time. I would also make sure that you can see all sides of the underwear in the picture, as it is not uncommon for something to be wrongly described e.g a thong could be a jockstrap and vice versa.
      Keeping a C string in place is well nigh impossible. The only exceptions I can think of are if you wear crotch hugging trousers or shorts,and even then I wouldn’t guarantee it would stay in place.
      I personally find a C string is of greatest use when sunbathing. If you like to get an all over tan,then the C string allows for almost maximum exposure to the sun,and if,like me,you don’t want ANY tan lines,then it slips on and off quickly if you hear someone approaching and need to cover up in a hurry. I always pack one in my suitcase for my annual summer holiday to Sicily,and it always gets plenty of exposure(lol).

  5. Larry Phelan says:

    Yes,I think that,s what I will do. Someone else mentioned about avoiding “One size fits all” I know all about that one! There is no such thing,how could there be ?
    I,m glad that you found the same problem with the “C “Strings,at least you found a use for them. I might try that the next time we get Sun !
    Talking about shorts is like talking about ships,they come in all lengths,shapes,and styles. Some of them are more like pants at half mast,neither one thing or the other. They just look silly. All my shorts have an in-seam between two and four inches,nothing longer and most are short overall as well,so there is never any doubt what I,m wearing.
    Dont even mention Board or Bermuda shorts !!! YUK !

  6. Mark says:

    Been wearing Thongs, G Strings, Bikinis for OVER 30 yrs ( first came across Thongs while Stationed in Australia) Normal wear for them and European Countries.
    Wear Thongs or G Strings every day.
    And have gotten lucky a few times because they were making ‘a Whaletail’ when I bent over? still get comments from Women. Lucky Me?

  7. Mark says:

    Try Somethingwildincali. She even makes Custom if you’d like, Great Quality, Colors, and Styles ???

  8. Larry Phelan says:

    From time to time,when I bend down to reach something on a low shelf in my supermarket,my G string comes into view and I too get some odd looks,but I think some of them are just envy. I make no attempt to hide it,why should I?. I did get a few comments from both men and women,one guy even asking where did I buy them !

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