The Great Underwear Purge

The Great Underwear Purge

I’ve been meaning to try and do a purge for quite some time now. My wife went through hers recently, so I finally broke down a little while after her purge and did mine. Now it really might not be the great underwear purge, but for me it really is a good feat. I at least have more room in the drawer now and can close the drawer without having to tuck some in before closing it completely.

Parting with underwear is a hard thing for me to do. Especially if it was a pair I like, but unfortunately sometimes you just have to let go. It was easy for me to pull out the ones I didn’t like and wore pretty much once. After that I had to go with is the elastic giving out, any fraying, discoloration, or thinning/runs in the fabric were some things I went by.

To begin I just dumped my drawer out on the floor and started separating the pile of undies into a pile of bikinis, thongs, and multipack underwear from local stores. I also made a trash pile of ones I knew for sure needed pitched. Then I started with my thong pile and did a quick go through and picked out the ones I wanted to part with for sure. After that I decided to sort them by likeability. So I had a for sure keeper pile, ones that were nice for certain times, and then ones that were okay or maybe nearing end of life for wearing. Then I decided to go through the last two piles again and created a potential to purge pile from them.

Potential Thongs to Purge

Potential Thong Pile to Purge

In the end with the thongs, I removed 22 thongs from my drawer. I was able to part with 9 of them to the garbage can. The other 13 are ones to part with in another way still to be determined. Then there are 9 that are on the chopping block, but made it back in the drawer for now.

Potential Bikinis to Purge

Potential Bikinis to Purge

I did the same method with my pile of bikinis. Got the pairs out I knew I didn’t want and sorted by likeability to do another quick yea or nay. I did better with the pitch pile by adding 14 bikinis to it. Only 2 bikinis passed to the don’t want, but not ones I felt should be pitched. Then like the thong, 9 bikinis were on the chopping block.

Now my last pile, the multipacks are more the nostalgic ones. They were some from early on that I went to a local store and bought. Once in a while I just throw one on kind of to bring back memories. I decided to keep one of each brand in the drawer and the rest went into a container for now. Thinking they can replace the ones in the drawer when they wear out. Or maybe I’ll get in a cleaning mood and just get rid of them.

33 pairs ended up in the trash can and are now in a landfill resting in peace. 15 pairs are in a container waiting on their fate, but won’t be getting worn by me. Another 13 are in another container for the sentimental reason. My bottom drawer at the moment has 61 pairs less of underwear in it. The drawer now contains about equal parts of thong and bikini with about 70 of each.

Bikini and Thong Trash Pile

The Bikinis and Thongs that have been retired.

Throwing out 33 pairs really is a big deal for me. I guess the success of the purge was due to me being in a mood to get rid of stuff. Guess not quite a full out mood, since there were 18 pairs on the chopping block for the next round. Since the purge I did discover a few pairs that have threads coming loose, so once I buy new ones in those styles they will get parted with too. How often do you trying to purge your underwear collection? Any particular method you use to go through them?

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  1. Sm_thongguy says:

    Hey TBD,

    I recently purged two. The next is one viscose 6 inch trunk. Very comfortable but it has some small holes.

    I buy at least one new thong per month. Albeit from the same brand, but so far they very comfortable and just my kind of sexy.

    Based on your purge. I will purge my Brave person thong. It was always too tight.

    Great blog post. Looking forward to next week.

  2. Dan says:

    Good topic for discussion! Like you I find it difficult to part with underwear unless either they are too worn out and the elastic has gone or they were bad fitting in the first place. I did a purge a few months ago and got rid of some thongs and bikinis that I didn’t have any attachment to anymore. A couple were trashed but the rest went on eBay because they were in excellent condition and had barely been worn.

  3. DonS says:

    I usually purge when a pair is worn with stretched elastic or, rarely with synthetics, holes.

    Some though have been binned within days of receipt if they are not what I thought they’d be from the website display. I hate waste but what’s the point of keeping something that is not able to do its job by being ill-fitting or a design that I do not like.

  4. Jr says:

    I too have to do the great purge. Some spring sales had buy some new pairs that I wasn’t planning . Its always fun buying new until you realize how full the drawer is . Throwing out the worn out ones is easy,though it gets tough to throw out the ones you like but don’t necessarily wear regularly. I usually try and purge a couple times a year , it kinda depends how many new pairs I have purchased.

  5. Perris says:

    I usually wear them to the end, because it’s hard to throw out a good pair. When it is time to go, I usually take them on vacations and throw them out after wearing them to avoid laundry and allow more room in the suitcase for bring backs.

  6. Mark says:

    All true. It’s good to go through what you have and purge what no longer fits, is worn out and ones that I thought would be fun but turned out to be duds but were too much trouble to send back but I could not throw out because of what I paid for them. Like the lady on the TV shows about household organization, when something no longer brings you joy (like our thongs!) time for them to go.

  7. undies4life says:

    It is hard for me to purge as well. I hate the idea of underwear ending up in the landfill. I know that may sound irrational. A couple months ago, I burned some of mine in a bonfire as I felt that was more dignified than tossing them into the garbage.

  8. David_nc says:

    Sorry for the late response, but I was curious how you ended up getting rid of the ones that didn’t make the cut? I need to purge some boxer briefs and trunks since I’m 95% bikini and thongs now; and even a few bikinis that aren’t as great as I thought they once were. It is difficult to trash ones that are in good shape, but I know I’m not going to wear them.
    I also usually wear a large for any good vintage bikinis/thongs, especially Prevail Sport lol

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      They’re still sitting in a container to do something with! I know some people sell them on Poshmark, since you can’t sell used underwear on ebay even though they probably haven’t been worn much. Poshmark looked expensive to sell on or they at least take a larger portion of the sale compared to ebay.

  9. TryingDifferent Things says:

    I used to be just a regular tighty whitey briefs guy. But trying new and different things. Anyone doing a purge and wondering what to do whit them I could be interested

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