Swimwear Purge

swimwear Purge

My real goal for purging is my underwear, but thought I start out easy. I have purge my swimwear not that long ago and got rid of a few pairs like my Speedo thong. This time around I’ve had some experiences wearing swim briefs at the beach, so that inspired some of the reduction from the drawer.

With being comfortable wearing some of my narrower side swim briefs, I decided it is time to part with some of my more conservative ones. Mainly I got the fuller briefs for the purpose of building the confidence of wearing a swim brief at the local beach. With breaking out an aussieBum 1.5 Classic swim brief and a 1” Speedo solar swim brief this year, I see no reason to have some of the fuller styles.

So I’ll be parting with my Lands End swim brief and a Dolfin swim brief, which are my fullest two swim briefs. Also decide to part with a JM WAVES ULTRA Swim Brief. I like the fabric of it, but decided on keeping two other swim brief that have a similar side width just in case I feel they are a better choice for a certain situation. Next on the chopping block are my black and green Sporti Euro swim briefs. I decided they sit too low on the waist or hips for my liking. Then my last one I’m letting go of is a light blue aussieBum one that is too sheer when wet. I’m keeping the black, red, white version of it, which I wore to make my first local swim brief appearance in.

With the purge it puts me at about 20 pairs of form fitting swimwear. At some point I may do a post on them and where I can see myself possibly breaking them out at. Are you like me and have more suits than you really need and purge them now and then? Or do you have a few pairs that get good wear and replace when needed?

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  1. John says:

    I break my collection into two sets. The first set is used for swimming laps. I have about 8 pair ranging from solid black to purple abstract prints. All have higher sides. The second set is for beach/pool wear. There are another 10 or so in that collection with a lot of print and pattern. I do purge regularly. Usually I get them online and sometimes they don’t fit right or I don’t like the fabric when they arrive. And just this week I noticed that my classic black Speedo is showing signs of wearing out. I think I need to go shopping!

  2. Mike says:

    At my wifes strong request, I think the first underwear/swimwear purge I did was about 5 years ago and I must have tossed out over 100 pairs of underwear and about 25 from an inventory that had been compounding for 15 years and it was getting ridiculous. After that, I promised her that I would purge at least once every six months.

    My underwear purge rule is simple, if it has not been worn for 3 months and/or has threads loose, then it gets tossed. Swimwear is different in that there is a middle stage before they get tossed. I’m an amateur triathlete, so almost all of my swimwear is an athletic brief (might have 2-3 bikini’s and for sunning only). I like to sleep in the old swim briefs because it feels comfortable like a worn out t-shirt. The best part is that I get to buy new stuff frequently!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    PS. How could you ever throw out the Speedo Thong? I kept both of mine (Navy and Royal blues)….those are vintage classics!?

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Not purging hasn’t stopped the buying yet, but there are definitely pairs I don’t wear wasting space in the drawer. I’m sure there some that should be retired due to wear too. I ended up selling my Speedo Thong on ebay to hopefully someone who will wear it. It was pretty much in new shape. I felt the pouch was too bulky on me.

  3. Kally says:

    I used to have to purge swim suits occasionally. I really liked the Prevail Sport Capri cut and would buy too many patterns. But I started to go to a local nude beach to sun because I didn’t like the brief tan line with thong underwear. Since then I haven’t bought too many swim suits, just kept some of my favorites.

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