Review: Intymen Sports Thong

Intymen Sports ThongI’ve been eyeing the Intymen sports thong for quite awhile. I liked the idea of the sports mesh and Bikinis ‘N Thongs on twitter seems to be pretty fond of it. I’ve actually have had this thong sitting around waiting for me to give it a try for quite some time now. It has finally gotten it’s chance to do the job it was intended to do and show me it’s worth.

Sometimes when you slip on the pair you know if it is going to be a winner or a loser. Other times some seem to need some time to grow on you. Well this one from the get go felt like a winner. The sport mesh fabric is a really soft material with a silky feel and feels great. All around it is a comfortable fitting thong.

With the sports mesh and the white piping the thong does have a sporty look. I can see it being a good choice for sports. It has pretty good support and with the fabric they’ll allow you to breath. A feature of these that I didn’t see mentioned is at the base of the pouch. It has the white piping with elastic sewn along the bottom of the pouch that lifts the sack up and forward some. There is only one thing I don’t like about the pouch, which is just aesthetical related. The pouch is contoured, but it is centered seamed about half way up. It gives a little bit of a pucker look where it stops. Maybe stopping it a little lower would do the trick. Going with no seam or a full center seam would do the trick for sure. Now that isn’t going to stop me from buying another pair of them.

The thong is made of 78% Nylon / 22% Spandex. The blend does well with giving an overall great comfortable fit. The sides of the thong are a little wider than a lot of pairs I go for with measuring in at about 1 3/4”. The tail is at a nice width of about 3/4” of an inch, which I find to be very comfortable. The pouch is pretty much a full front coverage cut. The instruction say to hand wash cold and dry flat in the shade. I have been putting mine in the wash and so far so good. I do hang them to dry.

I’m happy with the thong overall. I do like the way the pouch is made with the elastic at the base that gives a bit of a boost. I feel it is the right way to give a little lift. To me this what I see as an equivalent for us guys as the push up bra is for the ladies. I do see myself adding at least another pair of these.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.5
Overall Comfort: 4.5
Tail Comfort: 4.5
Recommendation: Two thongs up

Pros: How the push up pouch is done, overall great comfort
Cons: Wouldn’t mind the seam of the pouch to be done a bit differently, hand washing

Additional Photos
Intymen Sports Thong FrontIntymen Sports Thong BackIntymen Sports Thong Pouch
What do you rate the Intymen Sports Thong?

6 Responses

  1. SM_Thongguy says:

    This looks like a sure winner. I must admit I’m not one for red thongs. Both on men and women as I feel it’s like ‘trying to hard to be sexy’. Just my opinion, but this based on material instantly said ‘must have’. Now to find a supplier that ships to my country.

  2. Mike says:

    I’ve bought of Intymen Bikini Briefs in the same sports mesh fabric and expected more. I thought they were cheaply made and too thin. The trim came loose at the hip seam after a few washes and I always hang dry. Maybe my experience was an outlier because I haven’t fooled with this brand since.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the bikini version. The more views on a pair the better for others to make a buying decision. This is my first experience with the brand myself. I’ve worn it three times and have washed it three times, which is the minimum times I wear a pair before I will write a review of a pair. The thong has held up well, but maybe with your experience we should be hand washing them. I will update my review if I start having issues with it not holding up. I did forget to mention in the review that I do feel the $20+ price is a bit much for them. Seem to be on sale somewhat regular around $15, which is a bit more reasonable. Of course I always aim for less and was able to get my pair for about $12.

  3. Bill says:

    I’m curious about the mesh. Is it see through in the front at all? Looks like there is a lining but I want to be sure. These look like something I’d be interested in, but really don’t want any transparency.

  4. The Bottom Drawer says:

    No, there is not a lining in the thong. So there is see through in the holes in the mesh. I don’t know if I’d call it transparency. I wouldn’t categorize the thong as a see through one. Not quite sure how to describe it. I’m not really a fan of sheer underwear myself and I am happy with this one. Maybe someone else will chime in on it.

  5. RR says:

    I have three of these (red, navy blue, light blue) and a black bikini/brief. Definitely not see-through/transparent despite the holes, just little peek holes… I have had no issues with wear/seems coming apart. Not my favourite, but decent thong. A bit of a goofy fit for me. I don’t care for the brief much.

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