Review: Doreanse Flashy G-string

Doreanse Flashy G-string
Something about the Doreanse flashy g-string just grabbed my attention. It looked like a very promising g-string option on the model. I was on a high from their aire thong when I added the g-string to an order for more of those. I thought the aire thong was tiny when I pulled it out of the package. The flashy g-string was packaged in about an inch wide package and maybe two inches long! Then I pulled it out of that and it was itsy bitsy.

I’ll start with some quick specs on the g-string. It’s made of a blend of 90% polyester and 10% elastan. Really the elastan is not giving it much stretch at all. The sides measure about 5/16″ and the string tail is around 3/8″. It is recommended to wash cold and hang to dry. Doreanse is made in Turkey. It is also a center seamed contoured pouch.

I like the construction of the g-string and had high hopes for it. But my hope was crushed when I slipped it on. Errr…maybe more like tried to slip it on. There was really no slipping. It was more like trying to stuff it. Itsy Bitsy looking in this circumstance really turned out to be true. Now I was sort of able to get myself contained in the pouch, but it was not a pretty look. Basically that is as far as I got with the pair. Possibly sizing up may work, but I’m not going to test it out. It wasn’t just the pouch that made it feel like a size off. I didn’t feel there was enough length in the string tail. Then the waistband didn’t seem tight, but could have provided more stretch. With those two aspects it seems the idea of sizing up could improve them. In theory a size up could provide more pouch room too, but that may not be true.

In the end I didn’t attempt to even try to wear these. I only attempted to try them on twice. The second time was just a reminder trying, so I could try and write the review. Since I couldn’t wear them, I can’t do my typical support, tail comfort, and overall comfort rating. You can guess the number of thongs up rating!

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: ?
Overall Comfort: ?
Tail Comfort: ?
Recommendation: No thongs up

Pros: Construction looks good
Cons: Sizing is way off

Additional Photos
Doreanse Flashy G-string FrontDoreanse Flashy G-string BackDoreanse Flashy G-string PouchDoreanse Flashy G-string Package
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7 Responses

  1. Simon says:

    I am a huge fan of Doreanse micro g-string and have many pairs. So I bought two of these flashy ones, due to the interesting colours and patterns. I agree that the pouch on these ones is a little bit small and due to the material used it does not expand, so it can be a bit restrictive. But I still enjoy wearing them. The string material is as good as ever and they still feel great on.

  2. T says:

    The first thing that came into my mind when I saw the heading of this week’s post was that Nate would find it uncomfortable and too small. I think,judging by his review,that was an understatement(lol). I know he is honest to admit that in the package department he is more regular size than OMG,so the fact he struggled to “stuff it in” did not bode well for a positive review.
    As a lover of g-strings,I do like the look of this one,but as I have mentioned in previous reviews,there is definitely an issue with the tail length of Doreanse strings. The ones I have are snug in the pouch,but the tails are way too tight with no give,making them very uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Price wise they are very cheap compared to other well known brands,so it could be a case of you get what you pay for.

  3. JR2 says:

    Though I like the flashy g string, after several times of wearing I wish the pouch would have been the same cut as the Aire thong .

  4. Chester Horace says:

    I actually really like this one! I’m in total agreement that the pouch is definitely one of the smallest I own but I’ve grown to appreciate smaller pouches so it doesn’t become baggy as the day goes on. My favorite part of this style is definitely how shiny the material is and how the shine doesn’t disappear like with some other brands (ahem, Body Aware). As for the tail, I just wear it more like a y back and let the tail end way lower than it normally would so it doesn’t cut in.

    • RT says:

      Have to agree on this assessment. I too prefer the micro-pouch, as it allows for showing off the goods (bigger than regular, not quite OMG sized, as T has described). Also like the y-back effect, as I find it enhances the curvature of the upper glutes.

  5. DonS says:

    It’s quite possible you have a dud, one that is not made correctly. I think you’ve had this experience with the Candyman g-string being 6 inches (that’s 15 cm, two sizes out) too wide for the size marked. But why should you have to try again just in case the cut is wrong for the size. If it is a bad pair, then upsizing is not going to help.

    I’m sure this issue would not be so common if these items could be bought in a shop where any faults would be visible before purchase. It’s these sort of issues that must put some people off trying internet purchased underwear. Had this been my very first internet purchase I might be tempted to give up.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I prefer HOM Plumes. They really feel like their not there.

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