Tactics Buns Swim Bikini Review

Tactics Buns Swim BikiniThe Tactics Buns Swim Bikini was a great buy for me, since it was on sale and I really like how it looks. Unfortunately it is no longer available at Undergear. It has a lined seamed front pouch, a elasticized seamed rear, 1/4″ sides, and no draw string. The fabric is a nylon/spandex blend. This string bikini fits great. With the elasticized rear seam it does hug and show off your butt curves. It’ll be a great suit to lay out in and for walking around in. Don’t know how it will be in the water. It seems like it has enough grip. I haven’t really worn this suit yet, so I don’t know how it holds up. It’s machine washable and dryer safe though I’d probably hang dry it.

If you can find this suit I’d recommend it. I know I’ll enjoy wearing it that is when I build up the nerve to just do it and instead of sticking to the norm and being shy.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up
Additional Photos
Tatics Bun Swim String Bikini SunningTactics Buns Swim String Bikini BackTactics Buns Swim String Bikini Front
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  1. T says:

    Just clicked on this review having read your recent reply to Jeff in last week’s post. Can I assume that the person wearing the bikini in question is your good self? If so,why are you so shy about posting pictures of yourself wearing the article you are reviewing? You look good!

    This bikini reminds me of the many bikinis I bought from Kiniki before I switched to g-strings. They had several designs with the stitching up the back which helped to accentuate the butt cheeks.In those days,I preferred a briefer cut at the back,but otherwise I would give this one a good 4 out of 5.

    • Yes, that is me in the flesh. Thanks. I wouldn’t say I’m completely shy of it. My wife actually brought up the same concern as me about people just coming to see photos of me. I’ve sold things on ebay with photos of me modeling the item and get messages from guys basically just trolling for photos. Though most of them were respectful once I mentioned the wife liking me in them or the like. What I have decided to try and do is mainly included swimwear photos when possible. Several of my swimwear reviews have photos of me in them. I need to get photos of me in the newer ones, but would like to take them near the water. I do think I may have a few underwear ones up in earlier posts. I do have a new Kiniki swim brief to review one of these days, but no center back seam on it.

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