Male Power Euro G-String Review

Male Power Euro G-String ReviewHere’s the last of the pairs from my Freshpair purchase earlier this year. The Euro g-string is the third style from Male Power I’ve tried. Let me start off with saying I’m not really a big g-string fan. It’s not that they aren’t comfortable. It’s more I’m not a fan of how the back looks on me. I think a regular thong defines the rear better. Now on to why I decided to buy these. Part of the reason I decided to buy the Euro g-string was for nostalgia. My first thong I bought was a red g-string from Undergear, which this g-string resembles other than the color. The other reason I went for this g-string is my wife is a fan of the color orange.

Overall I find the Euro g-string comfortable. It’s made out of a blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, which gives it some cling. I think the fabric helps with support some. It’s hard for a 1/4″ elastic waistband and tail to give a lot of strength to support the package. With that said the g-string does give enough support for more of a relaxing day to possible everyday. Not a pair of underwear I’d wear for running or a lot of activity. With the elastic waistband just threaded through the top of the pouch, you can adjust the amount of frontal coverage. The pouch is contoured with a center seam. They are suppose to be hand washed and line dried. I’ll be machine washing and line drying. I think the dryer heat is harder on the underwear over the washer.

These are the typical design of g-string when I first got into thongs. For me they’re fine for fun wear, but I have some Kiniki g-strings I like better. In the end I’d go with more of a v-string than a g-string. I’m going with no thongs up for this, since I’m not a g-string fan and it is a pretty standard one. I’d consider it again if I want to replace this one at some point.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 3.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Tail Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: No thongs up

Additional Photos
Male Power Euro G-String FrontMale Power Euro G-String BackMale Power Euro G-String Pouch
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3 Responses

  1. T says:

    Good to see you reviewing a g-string even though you are not a big fan of them.
    I really like the fact that you can adjust the pouch width on this one which would be perfect for wearing on the beach. The bright colour is cool,too.
    Have you ever considered posting a photo of yourself wearing the underwear that you are reviewing? A picture can often be more informative than words on a page,however,knowing your struggles when it comes to wearing certain styles of swimwear in public,I won’t be surprised if wearing an orange g-string on your website is a step too far.

    • I have considered photos of myself and do agree it could be beneficial. When I started blogging I decided to stick with only swimwear pictures of me for the most part. I believe I did do some underwear early on.

  2. EJ says:

    I got some of these g strings, I ordered them from Male Power cuz they have 4 colors, whereas other web sites have 2. The ones I have the pouch isn’t adjustable which I prefer, but they’re quality g strings and I’m biased cuz I love the g string. I use them for underwear rather than workout attire I would order more of these. I have a dozen or so Candyman g strings- they call em thongs I use for sunbathing they’re slinky with almost no support I prefer looser over tighter feels like wearing nothing. This g string has support without my junk getting squashed into the size of a baseball- I like hanging rather than protruding.

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