2022 in Review: Underwear, Swimwear, Tights

2022 The Bottom Drawer Review - Underwear, Swimwear, Leggings
Time always seems to be flying by. Hard to believe 2022 has come to a close already. So it is slightly past time for me to come up with a review for the year 2022. Let’s take a look at what has been happening with The Bottom Drawer.

The blog has been going for over 8 years now. I’ve put out over 400 posts of some type, since the beginning. The best part is there has been over 4,000 comments. Seeing people join in on the conversation and expanding on the topics I put up is awesome and very much appreciated. In 2022, I’ve been lacking consistency with my weekly posts that I use to aim to get up Fridays. Basically, my posts get up whenever I get my act together to get them up. Hopefully, I can be more consistent in 2023. Thanks to those that have submitted a share the good post(s). It’s nice to see what others have in their drawer(s).

Then I believe the forums are about 4 years old now. We’ve reached the 250 members mark. A lot of good topics happening there. We’re doing our best trying to keep it clean and the spam away. Thank you to those that give me a heads up and report inappropriate content. Then thanks to Tanga Tanga for help in moderations and joining in on the topics. Again I don’t always keep up as much as I’d like to there. I do try to keep up removing the spammers and warning inappropriate content. Would be nice to see 300 users by the end of 2023. Thank you to all that are active on the forums.

Here’s a quick personal review for 2022. The best thing in 2022 was our Myrtle Beach trip with the in-laws. Can’t complain much about a week of swim brief wearing. Then the in-laws got a true introduction to my swim brief wearing on the trip. My biggest change in the year is wearing leggings (tights) more. I regularly walk the dog in a pair when it is just me. I’ll hike in them, but that kind of goes a lot of the time with dog walking. Then when the colder weather is around I wear them around the house most of the time instead of the athletic pants I use to. Basically the same old on the underwear front. I still mix it up with bikinis and thongs and throw a cheeky pair in now and then.

That’s a quick look at 2022 in review. Just chugging along trying to do my best to promote what we like to wear and not the norm for us. Hoping I’m inspiring others to do so too. Thank you to everyone for your support.

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  1. Larry M says:

    2022 was a great year for you. Your publication has matured and grown. Nice job.

  2. Rick says:

    I always enjoy reading about your interesting experiences and choice of body wear! Please continue your journey, and remember, Less is More! The briefer the better, be it a thong or a bikini.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks Rick, glad you’re enjoying it. I’ll continue pushing my comfort level and increase my confidence with breaking the norm.

  3. Mike says:

    Happy New Year to all fellow thong, string and Bikini lovers.
    I love this site, its so refreshing to be able to discuss undies with like minded people without fear of being labelled odd or worse!
    Your doing and excellent job and although you say its not consistent, thats OK, it must be a lot of work.
    Remember you can always call on the membership to help out if you feel you need it.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks Mike. I’m hoping to bring back some Q&A and conversation pieces this year, so that should help content. I’m sure I still won’t have my consistency I use to have.

  4. T says:

    Congratulations Nate on another successful year of informative and inspiring posts on the blog. I might be wrong, but I think 2022 saw you become more confident about posting selfies in your underwear/swimwear, which I wrongly credited to a male model friend of the blog(lol). Now if only we could get you to pose in the garments you review, because everyone knows a picture(s) is worth far more than words alone.
    Good to see Mike offering the assistance of the membership to help out, which is a good time to remind them to contribute to the Share The Goods posts as well as submitting ideas for potential topics(which is the case with the forum).
    Happy New Year to all the guys who support TBD and let’s continue to promote the wearing of skimpier attire in 2023.

  5. Jason says:

    My 2022 thong favorites are a sexy and comfortable thong that I found on AliExpress. Although this particular thong doesn’t have a brand name, the seller’s name is Sexy Lingerie Factory Store. These are the most comfortable thongs I have ever worn. These aren’t those thongs that you can’t wait to take off once you get home. I have worn these thongs for over 20 hours and they are still comfortable and feel great! The product details say these are made of nylon, but they are a combination of different fabrics. Some of the thongs are nylon, some feel like modal and others are the type of fabric that you see in tan-through swimwear. And even though these thongs are sold as underwear, they can be used as swimwear because they don’t get the wet-look. You get 5 thongs for $5.60 (USD). Sorry men, but you don’t get to choose what colors or patterns you want, but whatever you get, I’m confident that you will love them!


  6. C says:

    I have been following your blog for many years. I have always loved bikini and thong underwear as well as spandex shorts and tights. I love to wear leggings at home and do most days since Covid has me work from home now. Your stories have inspired me to branch out in my legging wearing. I have worn many times in road-trips, pumping gas, going to rest stops etc or answering the door for a delivery. No real conversations with people just more like passing by. Today I decided to wear them for my normal errands. A return and some shopping at lowes, mail a package at the USPS, a rest stop and getting coffee inside Starbucks. While very exciting for me and daring I acted as if I did it all the time. No negative remarks or stares that I could tell, as a matter of fact talked to many associates at Lowes. Either the store is supper friendly today or maybe it’s the leggings. Who knows! This was a first having conversations with people and it was no big deal. Between the support of my wife and this blog I have lived my best leggings life today!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks for sharing. That is awesome you just wore you leggings running errands confidently! Also great to hear you have a supportive wife. Congrats on taking that big step in leggings wearing.

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