Keeping Up with Women’s Underwear

Keeping Up with Women's Underwear

Wait…isn’t this a men’s underwear blog? Of course it is but this blog would most likely not exist without my interest in women’s underwear and swimwear. If I wasn’t such a big admirer of women in bikinis and thongs, I wouldn’t have wondered what it would be like wearing them. Of course my interest is still there. You know, I have to see what is available for the wife.

I wrote about underwear addiction in a past post, which focused on my obsession with underwear and swimwear. That obsession really is underwear and swimwear in general and not just men’s. I enjoy seeing what is in the women’s offering too. It’s crazy you can go to pretty much any store that sells women’s clothes and they have a large selection of underwear. I mean pretty much any style included the thong and g-string. All kinds of colors and prints to choice from too. Same goes with swimwear when in season though not thongs in my area. Trips to the stores are enjoyable when I’m able to scope out the women’s underwear section. Then there is the men’s section that just says blah.

What got me thinking of this post is what I’ve seen different in their selection. Especially with what Victoria’s Secret has been offering. What I’m not a fan of that I’m seeing are the high waisted underwear and swim bottoms. The ones basically up to the belly button. I like the higher leg cut bikinis and thongs that are being offered. Nice to see them coming back. I think they accentuate the legs and butt nicely. That is why I personally like higher cut pairs. I feel they define my legs and rear better. Then I’m seeing a lot of lace incorporated into the women’s underwear selection along with adding in cut outs and strappy looking pairs. It also seems that VS is offering more selection of styles in thong and the cheekie styles over the bikinis, hip huggers, and boy shorts. Glad the boy shorts or shorties I guess they are also called is limited. Disappointed they aren’t offering swim thongs anymore, but they have some decent looking one piece swimsuits.

The biggest theme in women’s underwear seems to be the lace over all. I seem to see pairs with it incorporated online and in stores everywhere I’ve come across. Lace has always been with women’s underwear, but it seems even more now than in the past. This is probably part why we are seeing this coming into men’s underwear. I feel the women’s underwear market has been where men’s brands get inspiration to add to their line. I still feel lace is on the feminine side for me at least a lot of what I see out there for us guys.

So my love looking and buying underwear (swimwear too) is with both realms. I’ll stick with wearing just men’s though. Let’s talk women’s underwear some. What do you like and not like out there? Do you also feel men’s underwear gets inspiration from women’s like lace and the cheekie? Any pairs available for women that you’d like to see replicated in a men’s version?

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  1. Thong obsessed says:

    I’m a big fan of thong bodysuits on women. I wish there were more options when it comes to thong bodysuits for men though. It would be nice to see more brands branching out into making thong bodysuits and a wider range of colours available. Not many brands seem to make them and some of them are unappealing as they are far too feminine (e.g. the lace Manstore bodysuit) or tacky (e.g. the leopard print Doreanse bodysuit).

    • thebottomdrawer says:

      There are more options than there use to be. Seems there has been more offerings in bodysuits in general for men lately. More non thong ones than thongs. Bodyaware probably is the one I’ve seen come out with the most, but they do tend to do a lot of their items on the feminine side or at least border line. Their Simply Stripes Thong Bodysuit is decent looking. Also their Yogaware one in the right color, but doesn’t look like they have the blue any more. Think I saw a few other brands offering a thong bodysuit that weren’t too bad looking either. You are right that more masculine ones are lacking, but probably not high demand for bodysuits in general.

  2. JM says:

    When I’m buying my gal swimwear or undies I always shop at Wicked Weasel first. They are from Australia and shipping always seems to take forever. Also, not exactly the same sort of inexpensive thing you find at the mall.

    Anyway, Wicked Weasel always has lots of fun styles and fabrics so it can be a fun time browsing their site and seeing all the different stuff they have on offer.

  3. RR says:

    +1 on wicked weasel! I’ve bought my wife a few of their swim bikinis and knickers, but she really doesn’t like g-strings (which is disappointing and limits the options). But she loves their bikinis (in the right setting!) And says they fit well and are really high quality. She also has several billabong bikinis of the cheeky variety.
    I don’t care for lace in women’s panties. My wife has some and it just doesn’t do it for me like a solid fabric, nor does sheer. And lace for men’s underwear… Blech no thanks.

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