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The Bottom Drawer Forums

Thought I do an update of the blog this week. Mainly for one reason, which the image gives away. I’m launching The Bottom Drawer Forums. Basically this is a trial and we’ll see how it goes. If things go well with it then I’ll keep it “going otherwise I’ll probably make it disappear. I’ll be learning the software that I’m using as we go along, so could be some hiccups now and then.

I have a read before you register post, so check that out. The main thing to know is please use a unique password only to the forums. It is not a secure connection, so your password isn’t encrypted between your system and the web server. Then really all I ask is Be Courteous, please watch swearing, and keep what you post PG-13 at the most. The post is a pretty short read.

I have ask T (TANGA TANGA on the forums) to help with moderation on the forum, which he has agreed to do. He basically already does a similar task on the blog comments. He will help with interacting with everyone, watching for spam, and making sure things are appropriate. I’m sure he’ll come up with topics to discuss too.

Hopefully this will allow everyone to interact better than you can in blog comments. Please continue to comment on my posts. Your view on the topics I write is good information to others that come across the post.

Other than the forum there are just a couple minor updates. I’ve added an update to the post with my conversation with Jeanette who makes the crochet swimwear. She addressed some of the things that came up in the comments. I added that to the bottom of the post. Then I’m looking at affiliate programs. Basically ads that I can pick from a selection of and if they produce a sale I can get a commission. My goal would be to do it tastefully if that is possible with ads. That is if I decide to try them. As always if there are an ideas you have for the blog or topics that I can see if I can work in let me know.

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  1. T says:

    Hi Nate, Just want to wish you well with the new forum. Hope all your avid followers will take the time to sign up and give it their support.

  2. Lin says:

    Could you do a thread about thong swimwear meetup groups ?

    I see guys wearing biking and gym style compression shorts (some with pouches) everywhere and I think the reason they’re accepted is because there are so many guys wearing them that the troglodytes can’t really say anything and are forced to live with it. If it happened in that case it can happen with thong swimwear so I bet meetup groups could have a real impact.


    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I added a Beach Meetup section to the forums. We’ll see how it goes. You do have to be logged in to see that section. I haven’t noticed guys wearing those types of clothes here at least when not biking or working out.

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