Women’s Underwear Advertising

Womens Underwear AdvertisingI’ve been talking men’s underwear advertising with some straight guys lately. We all seem to concur that women in men’s underwear advertising would be ideal for us. I think part of this is due to the sexual nature of some of the photography when it is more than one man in the photos. I think most of us are fine with just one guy in an underwear ad as long as it isn’t a provocative pose.

Now I was wondering if women would like to see men in their ads. I’ll go with the big brand Victoria’s Secret. Have you seen any guys in their ads? I’m not recalling any or at least it has to be rare. Most the ads I recall are angels together or just one of them. Also I don’t recall any angels in seductive poses towards each other. On the other hand I have seen seductive poses with single models in the pictures. I’m thinking that is for tempting the guys to buy for their wife or girlfriend. My wife has compared some of those seductive poses to Playboy like.

Anyone have any insight on the matter? It seems that women are more open about their underwear to each other. They shop for it together. They are depicted as wearing just their underwear at slumber parties. Personally, I’m not aware of them doing that though. My impression is more women discuss their underwear than us straight guys. I’ve never had a conversation with a guy in person about underwear.

My guess is women wouldn’t mind seeing guys in their ads, but doesn’t bother them that they don’t. It’s the norm for women to wear bikinis and thongs, so no one thinks twice about multiple women together in underwear photos. Unfortunately for us straight guys that isn’t the case. We’d like women to help us out in the ads to say we can wear sexy underwear too.

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