The End of 2018

The End of 2018

It’s pretty much the end of 2018, so let’s take a bit to review and then see what may come in 2019. First let me thank the regulars that follow the blog and help keep me motivated with doing my best to do a weekly post. The interactions is really what I was going for with the blog and of course to be able to express myself and give others that need encouragement. The commenting allows others to see there are plenty of us out there and gives multi perspectives on topics.

To play off the comments that leads to one of the changes in 2019. Based on follower responses I add The Bottom Drawer Forums. Hopefully over time it will continue to grow and we get more interactions. I know with anything new it takes time to get going. The other change in 2018 was a new look for the blog. It should be more friendly on a phone. At least I feel it is on my phone.

I didn’t quite keep up with my weekly Friday posts this year especially near the end of the year. I think I only missed one week for a post on the plus side. Ideally it would be nice to do more, but seems once a week will continue to be the goal.

Now what’s to come in 2019? I’m not seeing a lot of changes right now coming next year. From my reader feedback survey I got a lot of good feedback. Appreciate everyone that took the time to fill it out. Was a bit surprised that most of the survey takers do not follow me on social media. They seem to just come to the blog or get updates via a different source when I make a post.

For topics you want to see more of, the top winner for that is conversation and Q&A pieces. Those are what I enjoy reading places too, so I’ve got my work cut out for me there. I will see what I can come up with. In second position with no surprise is thongs and g-strings. Figured that would be one or two on the list. Bad news is for reviews I bought more bikinis during the sales. I didn’t make a lot of purchases this time around. Though maybe that will bring in some more bikini followers too. I will aim to bring you more of the top two voted content.

In 2019 I’m looking at doing about 1 review a month, which is what I tried to do in 2018. Unfortunately the brand variety isn’t changing too much, since budget limits what I can pick from. I did get some pairs from one brand I haven’t tried yet, but is similar to a brand I have. Other topics will comes as the year goes and from any suggestions that are made that eventually speak to me. So feel free to send them my way any time.

Here’s to another good year of thongs and bikinis.

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  1. SM_thongguy says:

    Thanks so much to you and all the guys that keep on posting and commenting. Must say by far of all the research and sites I researched, TB Drawer is the best source of reality.

    Have more thongs now than before. While I was planning to buy more before Christmas. Life challenges jumped up. I have to move back home temporarily, which means I have to hide all my thongs. Bummer I know, but I can still purchase in the new year and just prep for when I move to my own place again.

    Again your work is awesome. I always look forward to weekly posts. Maybe I’ll join Twitter just for your tweets.

    Have a great holiday season further and onto thongs and bikini’s in the new year.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks, glad to hear you’ve gotten good information from all the interactions on the blog. I wore my bikinis and thongs when I lived at home. I typically washed them myself when the opportunity presented itself. I wouldn’t let moving home stop you from wearing the underwear you want.

      • Bikini Obsessed says:

        Hey Nate, just wanted to say that I admire your courage in this area as in how you wore your bikinis and thongs while living at home …very cool!

      • SM_thongguy says:

        Thanks Nate. I agree and will make time. My concern is always whilst I’m in my late 20’s, I’ve never had very mature relationship with my parents. It’s always their way kind of
        Perhaps you could delve into a topic like that. Q&A get survey or discussion with other thong and bikini wearers, who started out at home. What the discussion was like how to deal with old school parents etc. I know it can go broad but like I said, my parents are very old school in their ways. And perhaps try to shame me or make me out to be gay and start telling the neighborhood. Which I’m not ready for.

        Perhaps I’m just not yet that confident to bring it up.

        • Bikini Obsessed says:

          SM_thongguy, I think I can relate to you in having old school parents as well (in some ways). On the one hand my mom knew about my friend and I buying bikinis together when we were around 12/13 (and she had no problem with it). I would walk around the house sometimes and kind of show off to my dad actually (don’t judge!) and its like he was okay with them, but he also made a negative comment about them as well (it was like he was calling them gay). I think I’ve been a bit conscious ever since my dad made that comment unfortunately. But I guess we were not really a bikini brief family and I never saw my dad wearing them. So he was old school that way. I think that can make it hard while you’re still at home and wanting to wear them. I feel that I’ve had to ‘suffer’ for wearing them sometimes and I have even wondered (not to discourage others here) if it is worth it to wear bikinis. That being said I think it is worth it…I do have to be honest though that I have found the bikini wearing lonely at times (not seeing enough other guys in them) Just my two cents…take it or leave it. I’ll quickly add that for me growing up, I was a little interested in bodybuilding/fitness and naturally in that world you see a lot of guys in what they’d call posing suits which look like a really skimpy bikini brief. I was fascinated with what it’d be like to look like that and to look good in such a small posing suit. I’ve noticed the trends in bodybuilding though (steroids, extreme body mass) and that kind of turned me off of it. No offence to any bodybuilders that may read this. I’m still interested in fitness/being in shape but now it is more of a health focus. I still think north American society is a bit puritanical and afraid of the body (and that coming from someone who considers himself conservative). I still think I am living in the wrong country/continent sometimes with the lack of speedo/bikini brief/thong support : )

          • T says:

            Reading your comment had me thinking back to my teens when I started wearing bikini briefs and string bikini swimwear. Believe it or not,I used to order almost all of my skimpy underwear from mail order catalogues that my Mum and sisters were agents for back in the 70′ and 80’s,so they knew exactly what I was buying and I don’t remember any negative comments from them,and of course my dear Mum invariably had the job of washing and ironing them,so I guess I was luckier than a lot of other guys who probably had to hide their sexy undies like it was a dirty secret.

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          I have been planning on doing a discussion on the top of skimpy underwear and parents. Hopefully I can get it going soon and have it completed in the next month or so. I never had a conversation about my underwear with my parents. I just wear what I want to. They are at least aware I’m not a brief or boxer guy.

  2. T says:

    Hi Nate.I’m sure I speak for all your followers when I say well done on another year of excellent posts and informative reviews(more on that later). I know it isn’t easy for you to come up with new ideas every week,so I see no reason why you can’t dip into your back catalogue every now and then or take a theme from the forum and use it here.
    It’s a shame that the forum has recently suffered a number of spam attacks from people trying to peddle despicable content which no right minded individual would give the time of day,but hopefully each of us can be alert to this and take appropriate action.
    A subject that crops up quite often and is something that I know you’re not totally comfortable with,is that of including photos of yourself wearing the underwear/swimwear you review. We accept that you are not a natural exhibitionist when it comes to wearing a speedo on the beach etc,but am I not right in thinking that the owner of the butt in the red thong above the heading “I’m a Male Thong wearer” belongs to your good self? And are there not several pictures of you wearing skimpy bikini briefs in the land around your house? The truth of the matter is that almost everyone checking out your blog has more than likely seen your perfectly fine butt in all its naked glory(lol). It goes without saying that if you were reviewing a see through g-string or thong then you wouldn’t be expected to do a full frontal reveal. Just a thought,but it could also increase the number of genuine followers to the blog,and any voyeurs would soon move on to more explicit sites.
    Wishing you and all your followers a thonging good new year!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I was thinking about seeing if I could improve or expand upon some of my beginning posts that may have not been read. Just need to do it. It is a bummer with the spammers, but I get lots of spam comments on the blog daily. With having to have your first comment approve no one gets to see them. Might be the direction to go with the forums if the function is available.

      Yes, there are photos of me on the blog. Typically they are swimwear ones, but a few out there in undies like the red thong one. That is a pretty popular page too :O! A lot of the pictures are from years ago when I lived more in the country. I’ve thrown one of me in my bulge post not too long ago too. So now and then I slip photos of me in. I’m more likely to share a swimwear photo over underwear. Some times there isn’t much different between the two, but in my head one is meant for public viewing over the other. Don’t be surprised still lacking in the photo department this year.

  3. DonS says:

    Thanks for persisting with this blog, it has been a great source of information and funny situations at times.

    One good bit of news that I have been made aware of – the Bonds website here (AU) is selling some of the older style string bikinis and various G-strings for women at reasonable prices, so probably styles that won’t be available in the chain stores, but at least they are available. No equivalent styles for men yet on the website, but who knows what the future holds.

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