Blog Ideas Revisited

Blog Ideas Revisited

It’s been a few months, since I posted about ideas swirling around the blog. Read it here. One decision I made was I’m not doing advertising on the blog at this point in time. I did have an interest, but decided against for now. I’m not ready to muddy things up with ads on it.

Probably the thing I’ve been trying to decide on that list about the most is a membership area. My idea behind that was to give me a way to sort of control pictures of me modeling the pairs I review, since that is a popular request. Still haven’t decided if I’m ready to model them or not yet, but here’s a survey on a membership area to give me some more feedback to ponder on.

Something that I didn’t talk about in the original post is forums. They’ve been brought up a couple times to me. I hadn’t thought about adding them, since there are several out there. Plus the comments have been used for some conversations. Figured I should do a poll on the interest of one and then put it on the decision list there is interested in one.

I had the request for someone wanting to chat with me in more real time than through email. I’ve had the feature on my blog for most of it’s existence, but rarely logged on. I’m really only able to be logged in during the work day, so it is some time hard to be able to be on very often. So here is another poll for you to give me some feedback.

You may have noticed I cover Prevail Sport a lot on the blog and social media. Part of that is due to me enjoying their underwear and am loyal to them. The other reason is I asked them for permission to use their images. I feel I should have permission before using images that aren’t mine or public domain. Should I reach out to other brands for permission to use their images to help bring you content on things like new releases and sales?

Feel free anytime to contact me with ideas you’d like me to consider for the blog. Always glad to get ideas for topics you’d like me to write about. Thanks for reading.

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