Blog Changes Brainstorming

Blog Brainstorming

First off I want to thank my loyal followers and all the positive comments I’ve gotten from readers. It’s good to know what I’m doing that there are people enjoying it. That helps keep me at it. Now I’m still planning on doing my best at producing one post a week. That I have been posting on Friday evenings. You can also keep watch for my contribution to the Underwear News Briefs blog. When it is an original post then I’ll be adding it to “My Writings Elsewhere” page.

I’ve been running polls to solicit some feedback on possible things for my blog. One of those was about doing limited advertising. 87% said either yea or didn’t care either way. I don’t know if I want to go this route, but if I did I’d do my best to make it not too obtrusive. It wouldn’t be plastered all over the page. I’d also probably reach out to companies that interest me and do a trial run.

Another of my polls was to see if anyone would be interested in short stories. I got 86% of you voting yes. I have played with this idea some and will probably continue to do so. Not sure how I want to work it into the blog. Comment on ideas if story lines you want me to think about writing about.

The final poll I’ll use in this post is what would you like to see on the blog. Tied with the most votes is more photos and places to wear bikinis and thongs. The latter is more a research intensive task unless I’ve been to a place. So with my limited time there probably won’t be many posts on it. Probably only be done when I do research for personal trips.

Really photo request is probably what I hear most about. I do understand that a picture of me wearing the bikini or thong would be beneficial. I do have some pictures on here of me in some of my items. Mostly it is swimwear. I have purposely made them not the largest size. Some of my reasons are one I don’t really want photos of me plastered all over the Internet. Two I don’t want to be a place to just come to see photos of me in bikinis and thongs. Third it takes time to get photos of me wearing the items. Especially when you don’t have photography skills and understand lighting to get good pictures. Sometimes I think I have a good photos and end up not and have to retake them. Then I never know how to pose. I suppose the same pose over and over again gets the point of how something looks. Just seems like I should have variety.

To remedy two of my reasonings I’m playing with an idea of kind of a members only area. That would help keep my photos for lack of a better term more personal. A little better control of where they show up. Was also thinking maybe it would be the place for short stories. Maybe some other benefits. Would that be of interest to anyone? Not sure how the members only area would work, since just a thought.

Those are some things I’ve been racking my brain over. None will happen any time soon. I wanted to get more feedback on these things and any additional ideas of what you may like to see me do on the blog. Please comment below. Still working on getting sending emails to me working properly.

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  1. LextheWolf says:

    I like where you are going with this blog keep up the good work

  2. EJ says:

    I couldnt’ve howled it better myself BD- waitin for my 1st Prevail Sport purchase

  3. John says:

    I think your ideas are great and will add a new dimension to the blog. In regards to photos of your review items, I’m one of those that have requested them. I don’t think the photos have to be of you specifically wearing them, but of models or even readers wearing them. Mostly it’s just to get a better idea of how they fit, but I can see your point about some readers just looking for photos. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the changes as they arrive.

    • If I did models it would just be images from the brand’s website. Figured that someone can just go there and see them. Guess I could do better job linking to a pair I review. Though having on blog would save a trip to another site. Also my thought is to be a bit different than other places it would be better to see an average guy in them and not someone that has time to keep in model shape.

  4. Jeff says:

    I think the advertising could be interesting, it’s sometimes exciting to see a new brand that I’ve never heard of and explore their website. As far as telling locations of where to wear thongs and bikinis that would be pretty difficult… how would you ever have the time and opportunity to check these places out while having a real life…I barely have time to sit on my patio at home in a bikini! I understand both sides of the picture discussion, it could help the reviews, but I also wouldn’t be crazy about the possibility of pictures of me in a bikini getting spread all over the internet. Maybe you could have a section where guys that wanted to could share some pictures of themselves.
    But please keep up the great work, it’s fun to hear from another straight average type guy that is into the same underwear and swimwear that I am.

    • You are right about not having time to check out locations to wear bikinis and thongs. Would have to be by research and conversations with others to do posts along those lines.

      I could have reader submissions, but I would have to filter what goes up. Trying to keep blog sort of PG or maybe PG13. Not sure what thongs fit in to.

      Doing my best to keep up with weekly posts. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. RT says:

    Like the blog! Would like more stories from you and others about what style of undies and/or swimsuits and where they were worn (certain beach spot, gym, work, etc) and people’s reaction, if any. I think it helps build confidence and it’s adventurous. I’ll share mine too.

  6. EJ says:

    Wear bikini or thong underwear everywhere I used to wear boxer briefs to work until I found this blog. I have a blue collar job that’s messy,hazardous etc so I thought boxers were correct-I was routine that way, I broke routine. As far as swimsuits there are no beaches near me that allow anything but trunks or board shirts legally or socially acceptable

    • I don’t know if swim briefs are socially acceptable where I’ve worn them, but they are legal. If we want to wear them then we should is the attitude I’m trying to install in myself. If women can wear bikinis to the beach or pool then we should too.

    • RT says:

      I wear thongs or skimpy underwear almost every day. There are days that I wear boxer briefs or trunks as well but prefer the least coverage. I guess makes me feel sexy and different.

      I wear skimpy underwear at work; not sure if people notices. Also at home I wear a t-shirt or tank top with my thongs or cheeky underwear all day but not in my backyard (not yet).

      At the gym it depends on my shorts or pants as I am too self aware of it and wouldn’t want anyone to notice. Shorts and pants have sometimes thin fabric and it shows. Pretty sure people can make the outline and I get concern that they may give me looks or laugh. When I change at the locker room I make sure I’m alone. Silly but haven’t built that courage yet.

      I drive to the beach and find my usual spot far from the crowd and where few people walk to. The very few that make the long to walk are the ones that dare to bare. A couple of guys that are in thongs or barely there swimsuits. There is where I feel free to bare as well. I usually wear my underwear (Joe Snyder, Daniel Alexander) instead of actual swimwear. No one gets close to anyone unless you’re walking or exercising and if they do none have been creeps. Some guys will wave at you. Love that beach.

  7. Jason Boag says:

    i would like photos but only really from the belly button down and used to highlight both the positive and negative of the swimwear you are reviewing. Have the good and bad circled/highlighted

    • I just had that revelation yesterday when working on a post that it doesn’t need to be full body. Will still continue to decide how I want to go with that. Highlight pros and cons of the pair is something I should do. I know we do that at Underwear News Briefs. Thanks for the feedback!

  8. T says:

    I think it might be of interest to your followers to have a forum where we could share some stories of our experiences,funny or otherwise,while wearing skimpy underwear/swimwear.
    I know I’ve already related a few of my experiences in some of your previous posts(the one where my neighbour called her husband over to point at my g-strings hanging on the washing line springs to mind),but I’m sure I could search the old memory banks for some more funnies, including the night that a guy turned up unexpectedly to read my electricity meter,and his priceless reaction to the black,gigolo g-string I was wearing! Keep up the good work!

  9. EJ says:

    You got big stones T- if a guy showed up at my door I’d throw on clothes faster than you could say thong, however if a woman showed up to read the meter is think twice covering up. Women probly more understanding than men wearing ‘good stuff’, but then could run the risk of a sexual harassment lawsuit, which would be my luck

    • T says:

      Hi EJ. I think you could probably get away with answering the door to a woman,wearing just your underpants,as long as she wasn’t required to come into your house to check a meter, or suchlike. However,in this day and age I would think most women would be understandably wary of entering the house of a complete stranger who is wearing next to nothing. I don’t think men in general are particularly bothered if a man answers the door to them in his briefs. I’m sure lots of guys who deliver mail or clean windows have seen it all and don’t bat an eyelid if they are greeted at the door by thong guy at number 9.
      Answering the door in your skimpiest undies does have its advantages as I have discovered over the years. If you don’t like people coming to your door who try to sell you unwanted home improvements,religion or sign up for yet another charity,opening the door in a g-string lets them know that you’re kinda busy and not best placed to have a lengthy discussion on your doorstep. They also might get the impression that they have interrupted you enjoying some “afternoon delight.”
      Give it a try,EJ! After all,it’s your house and you didn’t ask them to come cold calling.

  10. JA says:

    Got a point there T. I think I wouldn’t risk opening the door in my undies but who know if I’ll try it soon.

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