Contour Thong Review

Contour Thong UnderwearThe Contour Thong from Undegear is a comfortable thong. It has a double layered low rise V-front with a traditional thong back, the sides sit on your hips and are about 7/8″. The back tail is just under an inch and offers good comfort. It’s a 100% cotton jersey fabric and available in a few colors. The pouch does seem to run on the small side, but does have good support. Also could use a little tighter elastic on the upper part of the waistband, since it does seem to creep down over time. Still seems pretty supportive even when it does creep down. I machine wash and dry them and no issue so far, but haven’t had them very long.

These wouldn’t be my top thong recommendation, but I wouldn’t say to avoid them. I’ll keep on wearing them, but probably wouldn’t buy more. The price isn’t too bad especially if you get them on sale or use a promotional code.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Tail Comfort: 4.5
Overall Comfort: 4.5
Recommendation: No thongs up
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