Summer 2019: More Swim Briefs

Summer 2019 in a Swim Brief

Beach season always goes by too fast. It is already time for my summer review, since I’m not foreseeing anymore beach time. It’s a pity I don’t get out enough to wear the many swimsuits I have. Guess the main things is I get to wear some of them.

The biggest news of the summer was on a family vacation with some of my family and my in-laws. I sucked it up and wore a swim brief at the house pool. Wasn’t quite as big of a revel as it may sound. It was at least another step in getting away from trunks You can read my post on it here.

This year we were able to make a couple trips to the beach. For the first trip I went with my new Slugger’s swim brief. With it being a print I’d say it is a bit bolder than my typical solid colors. This trip we arrived around mid afternoon, so the parking lot was mostly full. When we got to the beach there was three lifeguards on duty, which is the most I’ve seen at this particular beach. Also the most people I’ve seen there too. We set up just behind the left most lifeguard chair. In my normal fashion after getting things set up, I removed my sandals, shirt, and shorts just like any women would when wearing a bikini. As in my past trips to the beach I made several trips back and forth between our blanket and the water. Spent the majority of the time standing knee deep or so supervising the kids in the water. Again like the past I didn’t really notice much reaction to my swimwear choice. We spent a good 3 hours at the beach.

The second time we went it was a few days before school would start up. This time we got a little earlier of a start and arrived a little before noon. This time not many cars in the lot and no lifeguards on duty. We had lots of beach to decide where to set up. We ended up setting up a little in front of the middle lifeguard chair. Before I got to stripped down to my Adidas swim brief (one that was in a group of possible local beach wear), I saw two probably teenage boys running down the beach. To my surprise the younger one was in a swim brief. Soon after they made it to the water I was proudly wearing mine too. When I was in the water with the kids, I heard them speaking a foreign language, which as we’ve talked before they are more open to the swim brief. The family stayed less than a half hour and were gone. I learned that most of the beaches didn’t start getting guarded until noon. That is when a couple lifeguards came to the beach and more people arrived in the afternoon. Not as busy as our first trip though. It was about another 3 hour beach day. As things have gone for me in the past, nothing odd to report with my swim brief wearing.

Now there were some things I did notice not related to my swim brief this summer. First I paid attention to the rules on the lifeguard chair. It stated clearly that thong style bathing suits were not permitted. I already knew that, but never noticed it stated in plain English. This year I noticed more females in skimpy swimwear. Last year I felt I was wearing the skimpiest. Off in the distance I saw a couple females wearing what looked like Brazilian cut/half back bikinis. Near us there were some a little on the cheekie side. Then one that probably could have been argued as a thong, since the others were cheekie just a bit at the bottom of the butt, while pretty full the rest of the way.

Probably to me the most interesting of my sightings were either two girls in their late teens or early twenties came walking down to the beach from the parking lot. Both in jean shorts and t-shirts obviously sporting bikinis underneath. They laid down their blanket and the one girl removed her shorts and t-shirt while the other one sat down on the blanket. The one sitting down took her shirt off and then unbutton her shorts and slide them off sitting down. Kind of reminded me of my first trip to the local beach to wear a swim brief though I took mine off and sat down quickly. I never saw her get up before we left. It did appear she was wearing a string bikini bottom. It was kind of enlightening that there are females that want to wear skimpy swimwear that are bashful about it too. Which means there are women that can relate to us guys that are nervous about wearing skimpy swimwear and public. There has to be some women that want to, but don’t have the courage to do so like many guys. Maybe by us wearing swim briefs we can encourage not just other guys, but some of the women too.

To wrap up my 2019 summer post, I have one more accomplishment in swim brief wearing. I finally have some very light, but visible swim brief tan lines. Still have a ways to go to get rid of the dominant short tan lines, but I’ll take what I can get.

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  1. T says:

    Depressing to think that summer has gone,although those of us in Scotland are more likely to say “what summer?” It’s a dull,overcast day here and the strong chilly wind has me harking back to the warm,sunny climes of my favourite holiday destination.
    This year,more than ever,I made a real effort to incorporate swimwear and underwear into my conversations with guys in person,be it here or abroad,or on social media sites. In fact,hopefully some of those guys that I recommended The Bottom Drawer too,might actually be reading this.

    It is no surprise to me that the teenage boy in the swim brief that Nate saw at the beach was a foreigner. You are far more likely to see guys,young and old,wearing speedos abroad than you would in our respective countries,and I’m certain if more guys were introduced to the delights of speedos at an earlier age,there would be less of a social stigma against them now.

    I would also encourage all TBD followers to submit pics of their swim/underwear collections to let us see what else is on offer out there, as we all strive to find the perfect g-string,thong,bikini or whatever,to show off next summer.

  2. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Wore this to the pool tonight:

    It was at a late swim (10pm-midnight) and I just decided to rock this skinzwear rio bikini. I was a bit worried with the rear being a bit skimpy on the butt (almost a half back) and the fact that I could still be in better shape (maybe along with a tan!) But life is short so I rocked it…got some reactions from some guys that looked like they were in their 20s…as I was walking by them they were like ‘woa’ and I heard the one guy say ‘skimpy!’ but not too loudly. I think in a way getting reactions is alright, even the bad ones (ill looks/stares lol) because people are people and when you wear something that most people don’t see regularly on a guy, reactions are bound to happen. At the same time I got virtually no reaction from the female lifeguard on duty which was interesting. Sometimes it seems that girls can be more critical of what guys wear for swimwear but on the other hand there is the ‘guy code’ we as guys sometimes have to face “guys don’t wear speedos etc” So I’ve been regularly wearing skimpy speedos to the pool lately and I’m proud that I’ve done it. I still could be in better shape and tanned but hey, nothing like skimpier swimwear to be a motivator! I have been doing it alone though without friends or family so sometimes I feel like I’ve almost been living a ‘double life’ with the swimwear to be honest. Also it really requires nerves of steel to wear skimpier stuff as you’re really putting yourself on display! I wish I had guy friends to share this interest with as going to the pool by myself can get boring after awhile, yet having the freedom to wear the skimpier stuff as i’m still single has been fun I have to admit.

    • T says:

      I checked out your bikini on the website and I have to congratulate you on wearing such a daring style to the pool. Definitely briefer than your standard speedo,and no doubt most,if not all the other guys there were wearing board shorts which probably made you stand out even more(lol).
      Such a shame that you don’t currently have any male friends that might accompany you to the pool wearing a similar bikini,but is there not one guy who likes swimming,who would go with you even if he wears a safer option,and who knows,in time,you might inspire him to try a skimpier style? I’m sure if you had a regular swim buddy with you, you would be less aware of any comments from fellow swimmers and would not feel so exposed(no pun intended).

      I’m sure Nate would admit that he finds it easier to wear a speedo at the beach when he is with his wife and children,rather than if he was alone.

      I can also relate to your “going solo” situation in as much as when I’m sunbathing nude on my own on holiday, I am more aware of my surroundings and potential vulnerability,but if I’m with someone it is almost like a protective shield shuts out what’s going on around me.

      Hope you continue with your one man bikini crusade and in doing so will meet a like minded guy who shares your interest.

      • The Bottom Drawer says:

        Have you been sneaking a peek at posts I’ve started writing? I have a posted start that mentions I find it easier with the wife and family than solo. There is something about having someone with you that makes it easier. Probably more so with the wife than anyone else.

      • Bikini Obsessed says:

        Hey T, yeah I was definitely the only guy wearing that skimpier style speedo that night. It is too bad I don’t have a regular swimming buddy who would rock the same thing or similar with me. I’m still hoping for that though! I guess I lived my own dream by always wanting to wear a bikini speedo swimming and with always wanting to see them. I agree that having someone with you would be better for sure but for now it is the ‘one man bikini crusade’…loved how you said that too btw : )

  3. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I forgot to mention the fit of those ‘Stuffit half back’ speedos…so here goes. Its an unlined suit so I was a bit worried at how that would work for practicality. Also they’re semi-sheer which was maybe something I overlooked when I ordered them. I got them wet at home and tried them on first to see how’d they fit. I could be in better shape, and it is a half back so it does show some cheek. I found that I was adjusting the rear covering a bit, just to make sure I wasn’t showing a full cheek or something. I was a little self conscious because of it not being a full rear covering but I found that wearing it helped actually and I even got used to it. The front pouch almost seems to have more material than the rear actually. The material is on the thin side but wearing them in the pool they were alright. As for the semi-sheer aspect, they were actually ok that way as the darker blue kind of hid that fact and I didn’t feel I had to worry that they were transparent, which they weren’t. The sides are narrow, which I like and they help hold you up good. The pouch is very good for accommodation. It shows your bulge without being obscene in my opinion. I might feel a little more comfortable with a lined pouch/thicker material though because I was concerned about VPL. The darker blues in the suit did help hide any VPL though. All in all it’s a well constructed suit that I would recommend to anyone looking to buy something in that style.

    • RJ says:

      My favourite style from Skinzwear, and have that fabric colour as well. Worn the style to the pool and to the beach on many occasions. Use it for my swim training sessions as well. You’re correct that it can show a lot of cheek, but I kinda like that look. Keep rocking it!!

  4. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Gents

    Sitting here reading this, thinking about our upcoming summer season being a month away. I need more bikini’s.

    I only have two. One of them a more brief style which is being made popular by the brand itself as you can win free beer if you win the best picture in swim brief monthly competition. The other is the more bright yellow risque one.
    Its a brazilian cut with semi sheer rear. However, I see myself rocking it to the local beach. Biting the bullet as I know somewhere around the world you guys are doing it too.

    Thanks for the inspiration and guts. I do believe I will actually like it even though friends, family or strangers would say something.

    • RJ says:

      Rock the yellow Brazilian bikini!! Make us proud up here in the northern hemisphere!

      • SM_Thongguy says:

        Hahha thanks RJ – I am definitely planning to. Our beach weather starts a month from now.

        So there will be plenty of hiking with natural spring waterfalls, plenty of pool visits and lounging on the beach for the next 4 months.

  5. Randy lange says:

    I love those style of suits from Skinz and them everywhere. check my flickr account.[email protected]/

    • RJ says:

      Great bikinis, and great photos! Your wife is a very lucky lady to have a husband that isn’t afraid to rock a great body in such tiny swimwear.

    • Bikini Obsessed says:

      Wow I second what RJ said…great photos man! I’d like to look as good as you when I’m you’re age and to be able to rock some sweet swimwear like that!

    • T says:

      Hi Randy.Looks like you’re building quite an appreciation society among TBD followers who have checked out the sizzling photos of you posing in your skimpy bikinis.
      I’m sure that RJ and Bikini Obsessed would agree with me when I say that if the older generation are ever looking for a bikini wearing pin up guy,you would fit the bill perfectly!

      • Bikini Obsessed says:

        Randy is such a bikini hunk!
        Inspiration for a younger guy like me : ) Just need some younger guys that are aspiring to be bikini wearing pin up hunks to step up to the plate too : )

        • RJ says:

          Lead by example, Bikini Obsessed! It just takes enough of us who are consistent in our bikini wearing commitment in public to start swinging the tide in our favour. I have been doing my part by wearing micro-bikinis to my swim training. Several of the guys there have started wearing tinier bikinis, not to mention manscaping themselves smooth to show off. It’s all in how confident we chose to be!

  6. Randy says:

    Thanks for all compliments!

    • T says:

      Well deserved,Randy. It’s a shame all your photos seem to have disappeared from your flickr account. Any idea why? Perhaps you’ve been signed up by a modelling agency who want to control your exposure(and let’s be honest,some of those bikinis exposed A LOT)lol!

  7. Randy says:

    I took them down. But I plan to put a website together in the near future.

  8. Randy says:

    Put some pictures back on Flickr.

    • T says:

      Your swimwear collection would make a great contribution to the “Share the Goods” posts. Would be cool to hear your comments on the various bikinis and thongs that you have,and I’m sure the guys on here would enjoy voting for their favourites.

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