Losing my main underwear brands

Losing my main underwear brands

When I started my journey into bikinis and thongs there weren’t a lot of options. At the time stores carried a few selection of string bikinis and then Kmart and Target had a thong. In mail order and online it was mainly Undergear/International Male for your bikini and thong needs. Now we have many online retailers and who knows how many brands are out there. Over the years brands and stores have appeared and disappeared and some revived.

Now I did find three brands that had websites early on in my transition from the norm to the empowering underwear. Although two of the three are still around, I feel I’m losing them as a go to brand. Pretty disappointing when they’ve been in the drawer for many many years.

The first brand I lost and my favorite brand is Prevail Sport. The styles the string brief and string thong were ones I bought regularly. Then there were a few others I enjoyed too. I felt a lot of their styles were inspired by bodybuilder posing suits. I was sad to hear of their closing, but at least it was for retirement. I did nab several pairs before their closing, so hopefully I’ll have some to wear for several more years. Still hoping someone will revive them.

Bodyaware is a brand I feel I’m losing in two ways. First way is they seem to be going more feminine in their designs along with a lot of sheers. Now the feminine styles seem to fluctuate in their offering, since they seem to change things up regularly. Of late their offering hasn’t grabbed my attention. Then when a pair does their prices are a bit high now for my pocket book. Makes it hard to risk not liking a pair even though they are well made items.

Lastly I feel Kiniki is heading more mainstream. They’ve eliminated their poly lycra print thongs and narrow front briefs. The prints they are replacing them with aren’t being created in the same styles. They offer them in a more traditional brief then the tanga and thong they offer it in has a regular elastic waistband that is too thick for my taste. So at the moment they have only one pair I really want to try and two I’d consider trying. They have a few pairs I own still and like, but not enough that I want the same colors in my drawer. Hopefully, they will return to adding more options in the styles I like. I don’t want to lose another reasonably priced brand option.

Are there long time brands you have been buying that have either closed their doors or no longer offer what you like? What changed with the brand that you used to like and don’t buy from or rarely do so anymore?

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  1. Eric says:

    I miss having Parks For Recreation. I still have a few pairs of thongs and bikinis that I don’t wear very often so they will last.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I have some of those too that I got before MetromanUSA shutdown their site. They were decent bikinis and thongs. Really liked the bikini cuts.

  2. T says:

    For me it would have to be Kiniki. They were the first company that I regularly bought my underwear and swimwear from once the high street stores had reduced their range of skimpier styles and the mail order catalogues had faded in popularity. At first,they could do no wrong for me.Great choice of styles and competitive pricing. My favourite Gigolo g-string was my number one choice and I bought quite a lot over the years before they stopped making them. When they made a comeback some time later,the design was different and not for the better. Coupled with some swim tangas that totally squashed my package rather than enhance it,I became disillusioned with Kiniki and turned to online shopping for my sexy undies. Occasionally I will go on their website to see if things have improved,but for me,I think that particular ship has sailed.

    • Eric says:

      I took a look at Kinki’s site. They really changed their styling a lot from what I remember the last time I browsed it.

  3. Hylton says:

    I was a big Kiniki fannin the 2000’s, and spent many £££s. I loved the variety, different fabrics and sexy strings and thongs. Then it all changed and now when i look it all looks boring and samey. I doubt i will ever purchase from them again which is disappointing.

  4. David_NC says:

    I have a few Papi brand thongs that are very comfortable, but last year they stopped making as many thongs – I feel like there was a shift in management or something, they now only carry a 3-pack basic thong. I am hoping they will start making the ones they used to make again so I can buy more. I was disappointed to learn that Prevail Sport retired and I never purchased from them. Undergear.com is back, but their selection is not as large as it used to be, perhaps it will grow. Calvin Klein men’s thong was great, but alas it is also gone. I’ve purchased a few 2-xist recently, they are okay but not quite like they used to be.

    I have been making a list of brands I want to try before they are gone also, but I need to wait until end of year season sales – prices can get out of hand. Brands like JM, Skinzwear, Joe Synder, Ace & Indigo, Doreanse, and Daniel Alexander.

    • Hylton says:

      Love Doreanse stuff and mostly reasonably priced, compared to other brands. Miss being able to buy this brand, but sadly no stockists where i am now.

  5. DonS says:

    Yes, Kiniki is not what it used to be with the demise of the polyester styles. I only started buying from them in 2017, so am a relative latecomer and so missed to earlier nylon styles. They made such a big deal about the polyester/Lycra fabric, and now they are not available and have switched to modal. I suspect this might be new management.

    I miss the Target Maxx g-strings we had here in 2007/08. A weird two layers of cotton inner and nylon outer, but comfortable all the same. I never saw these advertised but were quite prominently displayed in the store.

    Kiniki is not the only company where styles do not last too long. My thinking is that I can understand introducing new lines regularly, but good sellers should be retained. Cover Male is another where the product lines have been completely changed, again, new management perhaps.

  6. Jr2 says:

    I certainly miss prevail sport as well, good quality and nice priced. Blue line is company that I can’t seem find anymore either. Their string bikini was one my favorites. Another favorite that I miss is the under armour performance jock. It was great for working out or even daily wear.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Pretty sure Blueline brand isn’t be offered anymore. At least the place I found selling the brand wholesale no longer seems to be offering it. I liked their string bikini too.

  7. DMK99 says:

    I ordered from Kiniki back in 1998-99. The colors and cut of the suits were awesome. When i got around to ordering from them again a few years later, they had changed. 🙁

    Prevail Sport had a great catalogue and unique looking swimwear and thongs. I’ve ordered from them a few times. My last I wasn’t pleased with. The sizing was all messed up. I had ordered a XL on everything in my order and when I received it, all the garments looked very small, despite the tag saying XL. I even layed them out on my bed and compared them to my previous order and the size was undeniably off. I ended up getting buys with work and other things going on in my life to reach back out to them to see if I can exchange them, but I guess its too late now.

    Most of my thongs come from N2N or Mensuas recently.

  8. Jeff says:

    I don’t mind that companies are changing styles..I just wish they wouldn’t discontinue the styles that we all like. I like to occasionally order a few “new” swim bikinis that are a bit out there but for the most part I am most comfortable in a basic swim bikini that is as light as possible…like my Gary majdell or joe snyder bikinis.
    And as far as trying something new I really like the n2n line but it always seems to be out of stock when I look at it

  9. Greg says:

    I am a former Prevail Sport addict. For years I ordered their String Thong, but then found a new favorite–their Micro Thong. The Micro has a narrow pouch, which feels sexier. Before they closed for good, I ordered about a dozen thongs to last a good many years to come. I have since discovered two companies that are fun to order from. One is Skinz (Skinzwear.com), with their M44 model which has the narrow pouch design that I love. Skinz is on the pricey side, as the standard colors are $32, and special order colors are $42. The second company is Muscleskins (Muscleskins.com) with their completely custom sizing thongs. They are priced reasonably at about $25 per thong. It’s good that there are so many men’s thongs out there for us to choose from. Even if your favorite brand is gone, or has changed in some way, there are many more companies out there to try.

  10. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Anyone buy from deejay.com.au? I have found some cool stuff on their site…

  11. JohnnyB says:

    I started buying from Kiniki in the late 1980s, and still have some of the first stuff I bought from them as it’s so well made. I stopped buying from them a few years ago, when their range suddenly seemed to go down-hill. I think they tried to go a bit more mainstream, and they’ve accidentally ended up in the no man’s land between what their customers really want, and what every other shop sells.

    I wonder if they have a Marketing Department who scour the interwebs picking up customer feedback like your blog post? I hope so!

  12. dan says:

    Prevail! I miss them! Had a great selection and was quality! I was lucky enough to catch the closing notice and immediately over bought, however was well worth it.

  13. Byron says:

    Hi there,
    I first began wearing mens thongs when I was 18 after experimenting with women’s thongs from Primark that my girlfriend at the time wore. I was after thongs that fitted everything, and after a quick look though amazon and Ebay, came across thongs by Wang Jiang. They had a range of different styles and i bought a few in different designs and colours. My favourite were colourful polyamide range, that were admittedly quite skimpy and revealing even for a thong! Despite this, they were my favourite and i bought each colour in this style. After a while i looked again to see if i could buy some more, and i couldn’t find them anywhere. There were a few other styles by the Wang Jiang brand, but not the one i liked so much – also there was less Wang Jiang products available (across many sites not just Amazon and Ebay). This was a little annoying, but it made me look elsewhere for other brands and styles. A couple of years have passes now and my thing wearing has changed from occasionally to daily. Due to the daily basis i wear thongs now, currently my favourite thong brand is a brand called Pinky Senson (or JockMail – they have almost identical designs). These thongs are more roomy (less skimpy than the Wang Jiang thongs) and are super comfortable even after long shits working at the bar i work at. They are a polyamide thong still – my favourite material as its super soft. I have bought quite a few pairs of this design of thong from Pinky Senson, as i fear one day they may not be available to buy anymore. This seems to be a problem with smaller mens thong brands as they are less established than the major brands and could i suppose close at any time.

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