Underwear and Swimwear Passion: Bikinis and Thongs

Men's Underwear and Swimwear Passion: Bikinis and Thongs

You know the feeling when you get something new you really wanted and you use it all the time. Then maybe a week or a month later it is just sitting there where you last left it. Maybe it will get used now and then or maybe it will just continue to collect dust. Wondering where I’m going with this?

Well, I wanted to use the example to describe how I feel about my underwear and swimwear. That initial feeling you get when you get something you’ve been wanting is how I feel about my bikinis, thongs, and swim bikini briefs all the time. I have a great passion for them. I love to wear them and enjoy discussing them with like minded individuals or someone that is at least open minded about the subject.

It’s been about 25 years, since I slipped on my first pair of bikini underwear. I remember the excitement and the jaw dropping when I slipped that pair on. How they framed and defined everything. Showing off the legs and giving them freedom from the restricting leg holes of briefs. I mean it was instant that I knew I found the underwear for me.

To this day I still have that excitement when I pull out a bikini or thong to slip on. Maybe not as intense as the first time. Though a new pair can produce excitement similar to it. Even finding a pair buried in the drawer I haven’t worn in a long time brings added excitement. I still take time to check myself out in the pair I’m wearing for the day. I enjoy how I look in them and of course how they feel on. Having the goods held firmly in place. The butt being hugged or some fabric separating the cheeks are things that makes one feel sexy and great for the day.

Then with my swim bikini briefs, I can’t get enough beach time in. It’s so freeing to not be wearing the norm of trunks. The sun on most of your body. The support for the package. Freedom of movement in and out of the water. Now I know how women feel wearing their form fitting swimwear.

Maybe it is obvious I have a passion for them, since I’ve been blogging about them for going on 7 years. I have more than I need of them and still want and do buy more. At least underwear is something functional that gets used daily. I do wish my swimwear was getting more use, but they’ve been putting on a show the last few years.

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  1. T says:

    Hi Nate. I’m sure all of the blog’s followers appreciate the time and effort you have put in to keeping it going for the best part of 7 years. If that doesn’t confirm and demonstrate your passion for the subject matter,then I don’t know what does?

    My passion for the skimpier styles of underwear began more years ago than I care to remember(long before online purchasing), when you could buy them in high st stores. Those were exciting times when you could browse through racks of racy string bikinis,thongs,g-strings and swim thongs. Mail order catalogues were also popular,and whenever my mother or sisters received the latest edition,I would check out the guitars and underwear first. Over the years,I did buy several guitars from these catalogues and loads of undies/swimwear,some of which still occupy the bottom of a drawer in near perfect condition. When the parcel was delivered,I loved trying on every item to see which ones I liked the most,and my favourites would be worn regularly,while others barely saw the light of day.
    Discovering Kiniki was a real game changer. I’ve mentioned before that trying on the Gigolo g-string for the first time was when I realised that was the style for me,even though I continued to buy thongs and string bikinis too.
    I share Nate’s excitement when he pulls on a thong or bikini and checks himself out. I always check that the string is not twisted around my waist or between my cheeks,because it drives me crazy when I see a guy wearing one with the strings not sitting perfectly flat.

    I really enjoy reading about the guys on here and their experiences of wearing thongs etc and the passion they have for promoting their chosen styles,and obviously I’m not slow at coming forward when it comes to sharing some of my g-string exploits(lol).
    Hopefully we can all continue to do our best to keep the flame burning and be vocal in our efforts to convince other guys of the joys of wearing sexy and daring undies and swimwear!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I make sure waistbands aren’t rolled or all twisted too. Then with bikini, I make sure the backs have their elastic all flat. If it is a string sided thong with a more traditional tail I try to make sure everything is centered right in the back that goes with g-strings too if I wear one. Even though my underwear isn’t really going to be seen, I take care and make sure it looks good like it would be seen.

  2. SM_Thongguy says:

    Such a great opener.

    Definitely agree. The feeling of purchasing, waiting and that first test fit. Checking yourself out never gets old..
    I know over time it will become less exciting but I hope I never loose the full sense excitement.

    Many pairs immediately make you realize it’s a mistake or I just don’t look or feel as good as I thought. Yet those instances are far in between.

  3. mrrigid says:

    One of the fun moments for me, ordering bikinis, is when they arrive and you first see them in wrapped in their packaging. It’s usually this teeeeny sandiwch-size bag, with a tiny amount of fabric folded inside. Soon, that’ll be all that’s between you and the world. That’s fun!

    • T says:

      You are so right about the tiny sandwich size packaging and the fabric folded inside. I have a couple of Gregg Homme g-strings still unopened in tiny bags which are smaller than the palm of my hand. I’m loathe to open them because they have been discontinued and they are one of my favourites, but I will give in eventually.
      I haven’t bought any new undies for some time,but with everyone becoming more aware of the damage to the environment caused by plastic packaging,bags etc,I wonder if underwear manufacturers are packaging their goods in recyclable materials?
      Many years ago,I bought some g-strings from China which were all individually sealed in small plastic bags(similar to what mrrigid described),but with a tiny piece of plastic that sealed the bag when you drew it across. Even back then I thought it would be a terrible waste to throw them away,so I use them to store things like used batteries that can be taken to be recycled,and loose change.
      Sorry if I’ve gone slightly off topic,but I do share mrrigid’s feeling of fun when he says “Soon,that’ll be all that’s between you and the world.”
      I also wonder how many of us get so excited about a delivery of new undies, that as soon as they arrive,we have to open them right away and try them on? I know I’ve read stories of guys who have received the package at work and have gone straight to the toilets to try them on because they couldn’t wait until they got home!

  4. Greg says:

    I remember when I first got excited about wearing sexy undies. I was around 14 years old and had to buy some new clothes which included underwear. It was in the mid eighties and I was in Woolco ( gone since the mid 1990`s Canadian Dept store) and they had polyester bikini`s in animal prints and solid colors. I purchased zebra, leopard, tiger prints and blue, black, red, yellow and purple solid colors. I could not wait to get home and try them on. Loved the way they looked and felt. I was hooked from that moment. I also purchased a few items from mail order catologues such as Undergear, International Male and Malepak in the 1990`s before online shopping. There was a store in downtown Toronto called Brief Encounters, only went there once before I moved to Vancouver where I enjoy shopping at Top Drawers.

    • Bikini Obsessed says:

      Greg I was around the same age when i got excited about sexy undies too. Woolco I also know as I’m from Canada too. I distinctly remember the amazing selection of bikinis and thongs. Malepak underwear looks sweet…..ever order their swimwear?

  5. JR2 says:

    There is something about the whole process from buying to wearing that always adds some excitement for me. I think with getting sales and new release emails certainly starts it off. Looking at the new styles , certain fabrics or if there on sale . After I order there is definite anticipation until I receive them, wondering how they are going to fit, how they look, etc. I certainly like tracking emails, it add some fun keeping track of where my new underwear is at. When the package arrives I can’t wait to open it !! I get try on some new underwear and pick out a pair to wear the next day , which for me adds some fun to the work day knowing you wearing a new bikini or thong . At times I have to wonder what the Post office thinks.

  6. David_nc says:

    My wife says I have too many and won’t need to buy underwear for years; kindly disregard the few new pair hidden in my bottom drawer that she doesn’t know about. I remember when I got my first string bikini roughly 25 years ago and how I felt with it on. I still feel that way when I try a new brand. Sometimes I get let down with out the pair feel or fit but I typically read enough reviews to make a wise decision. What you called a passion my wife referred to as my fetish, in a positive way of course. But I have to agree with you, I still get excited knowing I’m probably wearing the skimpiest underwear in the room.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Many of us have more underwear than we really need. I don’t think my wife really knows when new ones appear in my drawer with too many to keep track of.

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