VPL with Swim Bikini Brief and Thongs

VPL swim bikini brief thongs

Is VPL a concern of yours? No, it is not visible panty lines, but visible penis lines. Tight fitting swimwear is already taboo for guys, because it accentuates our package. It seems that people are hung up on the male anatomy, but women can pretty much bare all. So should we be concerned that our bikinis or thongs are defining the package too well instead of just a bump?

I have been asked if a certain swim brief showed VPL and T suggested it could be a post topic. So let’s discuss it. I don’t know if it should be a top concern, but seems we should have some awareness of VPL with our swimwear. Should we seek out suits that enhance or define the package? Probably not if we want to try and help the acceptance of skimpy swimwear for guys. In general we should try to fit our swim attire to the beach atmosphere. If it is mainly adults maybe VPL isn’t as much of a concern as one with lots of kids.

In general my goal when going to the beach is to give the swim brief a positive image. I’m not going to push the limits. I go by what the women are wearing and go a little conservative to theirs. If it happens all of them are in a one piece swimsuit then maybe I’d have to opt for fuller swim brief. I don’t want to contribute to the negativity that tight fitting swimsuits for us guys already has. I guess I do consider VPL into my suit equation, but I feel I’ve more subconsciously done it. I’ve always looked for lined swimsuits, which seem to typically give some help with VPL. What are some ways you can try to hide it if that is a concern of yours?

Like I mentioned above, lined suits depending on the lining thickness can help limit the VPL. Go for darker colors especially if you are getting in the water. Ones like black or navy seem to help hide VPL and just give you the bump look. Lighter colors especially when wet could have a sheerness to them. Also patterns can distract VPL and even the bulge in general. If the suit is a flat front with no contour I find they can show more VPL. Center seamed contoured pouches in ones I have do better at reducing VPL. What suggestions do you have for reducing VPL?

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  1. T says:

    What am I describing? When we are very young,our hands are pulled away if we touch it. When we are older,we are told that we will go blind if we play with it(no,I’m not typing this on a braille keyboard). In the school showers,after P.E,we become shy when we see lots of them of differing shapes and sizes.As we mature and get involved in team games like rugby,football etc with our mates,we happily show them off to each other in the changing room, without any hint of embarrassment.
    When we use a public toilet,we get them out in front of(or to the side of)total strangers(stop sniggering at the back)and in the same location,we are consumed by envy when a budding Jock Pornstar rocks up at an adjoining urinal,unzips, and pulls out something so impressive,that you are convinced that somewhere on his family tree is the name DONKEY.
    Well I’m sure you quickly guessed that I was describing a penis,and anyone who thought the answer was a hamster needs to be watched carefully!!!!!
    So why is it that on certain occasions we can freely expose our penises without fear of censure,and yet,the moment we cover them in nylon,cotton,spandex etc and present them in a public place e.g a beach,all hell can break loose.
    A man wearing a tight bulge revealing speedo should be no less acceptable than a woman wearing a bikini top,but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. So,for the purposes of this topic,what can a man do to conceal what everyone knows is there?
    I would advise guys to check out pictures or videos of guys wearing a speedo to see what colours or patterns work best at camouflaging their manhood. You will probably find that dark colours and jazzy patterned styles are best for concealing what nature gave you,or if you are totally paranoid about showing anything,you could try taping your privates underneath like drag queens have to do. Mind you,if your prepared to go to those kind of lengths to hide your manhood,maybe a speedo is not such a good idea.

    If you are on a busy beach with people of all ages,you might have to think twice about exiting the water in your unlined,white swim thong that clearly shows your Pennsylvania,but otherwise,anything goes……………

    • T says:

      Just noticed I said “your” when it should have been “you’re.”
      Will have to sack my proof reader. Oops! That’s me.

    • Another thought on this is the distance you actually are from people is how visible the actual VPL is going to be too. Personally I like my space, so I don’t set up that close to others. If someone comes and sets up near me then VPL isn’t my concern. They saw what I was wearing, so they must not be too concerned about it. In the end, use common sense for the beach you are attending and what you are comfortable with. Go enjoy the tight fitting swimwsuit.

  2. Jeff says:

    I hadn’t given this much thought until a few months ago when I was thinking about getting into swimming at the y, or other public pool. Unfortunately I never got past the thinking about it stage. Regardless, I was trying on some of my swimsuits to see what would be best, not to attract attention but I was not going to wear an appropriate suit, ( half the fun of swimming, right?). I put on a couple swim bikinis that I have only worn around my wife, and had not looked at myself in the mirror in. Both were from Amazon, one GM swim bikini, in grey, not only was there severe VPL, it made it look much bigger! Definitely not appropriate for serious swimming, or public or family time, but for adult only time I think it’s great, sort of like a woman with a push up top. Anyone agree?
    The second suit was an Asian style size and cut, super low rise and not a ton of room in the pouch. I tried my penis in two positions, first down and in that position there wasn’t enough room in the pouch for the leg openings to cover up my whole package. With my penis to the side it easily covered my balls, and my penis lines were visible, but it was completely covered. I still felt that was asking for too much attention for the public pool, and probably for anything other than very private setting.
    I see guys in pictures that look like swim meets with their penis to either side, and some straight up. Is this normal in competitive swimming, or do any of you guys like any position other than down over your balls?

    • T says:

      So, let me get this straight! The grey GM swim bikini gave you severe VPL and made your package look much bigger? And your problem is????? lol.

      • Jeff says:

        No complaints at all!! Lol!!
        Just as a beginner swimmer not looking for any extra eyes on my horrific stroke..I’d feel a little goofy with my c*** so prominent!! Believe me that bikini is heavy in the rotation!

        • JM says:

          The biggest issue with wearing any suit in the pool for lap swimming is that it needs to have a drawstring. Pushing off from the wall could easily pull your suit right off if you are trying to wear one without a drawstring.

          The biggest thing with wearing small spandex suits is to just try to act totally natural and try to be comfortable. If you are uncomfortable and acting weird, then everyone will think you are weird. Just be confident, if they want to look and stare, then assume they are impressed. This really is the biggest thing when doing anything outside your comfort zone. Act like it is totally natural. Eventually it will become totally natural. I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Fake it ’till you make it.” This is absolutely the case here because you are judging yourself when no one else is.

          BTW, if you want suggestions on improving your stroke, do go ahead and ask someone for their thoughts. There are a lot of different ways to improve your stroke, just be open to what they are saying.

          • John says:

            JM-great comments! The drawstring is not something that typically crosses your mind, but definitely a must for lap swimming. Also having a slightly tighter fitting suit than you’d think. Wet spandex still stretches out and a baggy swim brief is hard to swim in.

            I’ve also been an advocate of wearing them with confidence. People smell fear, so to speak, and if they see you’re afraid they’ll pounce.

    • I think position is a personal preference for underwear and swimwear. Personally I like up.

    • Greg says:

      Jeff: To answer your question “do any of you guys like any position other than down over your balls?”, not only do I enjoy the down position, but the up-and-to-the-right works for me as well.

    • John says:

      I prefer down myself, but occasionally it’ll make its way to the right. Especially after a long swim workout. I never start out up though. Personally I think it draws too much attention.

    • JM says:

      Depending on the cut of the suit, I prefer either down over the front of the balls or tucked to the left side of my balls. When tucked to the left side it pushes my balls forward and out to my right. Sometimes, if there just isn’t enough room, I’ll just lay it to the left side. This is especially the case if I’m sporting enough wood that I can’t tuck it down on the left.

  3. Greg says:

    One of the biggest reasons I enjoy wearing thongs is that they DO enhance Visible Penis Lines. The solid colors are my favorite, as they show off more detail then prints. Also, unlined pouches in nylon/spandex or cotton/lycra are the way to go for me.

    • JM says:

      Oh yeah, that is great stuff for sure!

      I love spotting VPL at the beach and adore seeing guys in anything less than board shorts (a.k.a. “Dork Shorts”).

  4. John says:

    I think it’s a shame that we have to spend so much effort to mask this phenomenon of VPL. It’s not like we all don’t know what’s behind the swim brief, right? But I suppose to keep its acceptance on the upward swing these things should be given consideration.

    It’s definitely important to know your audience in this situation. I swim regularly at a local university and everyone wears briefs by Speedo or Tyr, etc.. I think since these brands focus on competition and streamlining the body they naturally show less VPL. If I’m on vacation at the beach or on a cruise I’m more likely to wear the fashion briefs which tend to focus more on pouch shape for comfort and, yes, showing off. If I’m hanging out with my GBF’s you’re darn sure there’s enough VPL to go around with all of us!

    I’m getting ready for a family vacation this summer to the Outer Banks and deciding on swimwear that’s appropriate for the in-laws and nephews. So far I’ve chosen a few briefs with a slight pouch, but plenty of pattern. There’s a floral one and a zig-zag striped one to minimize the VPL I have a new unlined nylon one with stripes I’d really like to wear, but that one would definitely get me in trouble. Maybe on our next cruise…

    • You’d think people would know what us guys have, but really I read more online negativity towards skimpy swimwear for us than in person. Not that I’ve worn swim briefs much in public. Great examples of different situations. You should try and get some time away from the family and head South into the National Seashore away from the crowds and enjoy some time in a suit you really want to break out.

      • John says:

        I’ll see if we can break away and make it south. I’d really like to feel more free to wear what I want without fear of judgment. I think our rental house is pretty far north. This being my first time, I’m not sure how far things are from each other.

        • Nice thing about the Outer Banks is there are miles and miles of beaches. Could be a drive if you are far north. I’ve been there twice. First time was the Kill Devil area, which is what I’d call part of the main area (drag) with most of the places to eat, shop, and hotels. The second time we were in Southern Shores, which is just north of that area. Hopefully you’ll have time to explore some of the areas away from the rental house.

  5. EJ says:

    Geez- All this talk about VPL in public makes me want to get a couple of g string swimsuits and find a place to wear them other than the backyard

  6. JM says:

    So yeah…

    This is actually a bit of a difficult question for me.

    On one hand is appearing at least somewhat decent in a “family oriented” atmosphere.

    On the other hand I’m really more of an exhibitionist and I want to show off. When I say show off I mean a really massive VPL supported by c*** rings and ball stretchers… maybe I even pumped up a bit before I went to the pool. C*** and balls so big the spandex of the little swim bikini barely covers it all. Yes, this action often gets a second or third look from the lifeguard on duty. However, thongs are not allowed at the lap pool by decree of the operator of said pool. So, I’ve found something else that works for these purposes from Go Software:
    I love the way the back seam of this suit slides up into the butt crack, riding on my hole and showing off my a**. The front has a small but workable pouch, just right to hold my package. I always remove the liners from my suits so it allows the fabric to stretch more easily.

    Now do I wear this around my wife? Of course. I’ll wear this and less, though she feels a bit uncomfortable and self conscious when it turns into something like the N2N Bodywear Maverick brief with built in c*** ring:

    or the Cocksox CX02 swim brief:

    She feels that the bulge is a bit much and that makes her a bit uncomfortable. So we compromise on something like the Joe Snyder Bulge Trunk:

    This offers more coverage, which makes the bulge perhaps not as obvious, but there is definitely still a great looking bulge going on and a little lower cheek action in the back (which is always fun and flirty).

    Do I wear this around my more extended family like my sister, her daughters and husband, my cousins? No, I’m not quite ready for that. Strangers are no problem for me, but people I know… I guess I’m still working into that. Actually, i would definitely wear that Joe Snyder around them, and maybe even the Go Software suit, but swim thongs and bulge show-offs are definitely out around the family. This may be something I’ll need to work into.

    In the mean time around the family and when heading out to the beach, I wear short swim shorts with the lining cut out. Specifically, these Modus Vivendi shorts with the lining removed:

    I really love these shorts because they are cut like short shorts, but they are made of spandex so they are incredibly comfortable.

    If I’m headed to the beach I’ll probably have on a Koala swim thong under shorts so that when I get to my private destination on the beach, I can drop my shorts and be free in my bulging thong (then depending on how private it is, I may drop the thong too). Around the family I may have on something underneath, or I may not… it just depends what is going on.

    Whatever you do, don’t get caught wearing your swim thong on Clearwater Beach in Florida. They have a regulation against that for men and women. You can head up or down the coast just a bit and be free to bare your thong.

  7. EJ says:

    Is there a difference between a g string or thong swimsuit as far as beach rules go? A general rule- up to the beach itself?

  8. JM says:

    Hi EJ,

    If you are asking me about Clearwater Beach, they do not differentiate between thongs and G-strings. Essentially, if I understand how it was explained to me, they do not want to see where the cheeks come together. So, as long as that is covered, you are good to go. For example a Rio cut would be fine, but thongs and strings are not allowed for anyone.

    I think it is a bullshit law, but it is only for Clearwater Beach. You can go just over the bridge to the south to Sand Key and wear whatever you want.

    • JM says:

      FWIW, I did just order a few Koala bikinis so I’ll have that option instead of just strings and thongs. This way I will be able to wear my little Koala pouch on Clearwater Beach and be fully within the guidelines of the law.

      About every other month Koalaswim has a 30% off sale on a number of items. If you subscribe to the newsletter you get a list of links to all their sale items. This time five of the six items I purchased were all on the sale list, so that ends up being a pretty good savings!

  9. EJ says:

    Hi JM- I live way north of Florida I been doin research on beaches around here that are thong friendly there’s 1 according to Thong Wearers Message Board part of a public beach they call ‘the gay area ‘ uptight MA slang for doin what you want rather than doin what overly judgmental people think is wrong and should be wrong for everyone. I’m still looking into getting a g string swimsuit and goin for it. Reviews on message board pretty good only thing gay guys can hit on other guys tell em not interested no big deal. There is a more liberal attitude on Cape Cod & the Islands but I live towards northern end of state Cape is a pretty good drive from here for a beach day see how it goes.

  10. Mark says:

    JM’s comments are on point. Act natural and you will be natural. When I’ve been to Hawaii, I’ve gone the swim briefs over my thongs until I see what the others are on the particular beach then go thong which are noted then accepted.

    Regarding how you wear your cock, gentlemen, please. This is a truly a personal habit whether to keep your penis up or down in what you wear (I’m an up man but some briefs and thongs do look better with it down-the European companies vs. Asian/us made.)

    There are guides in California on where to go for clothing optional beaches.

  11. ols says:

    When I’m on the beach I do nor worry about VPL (but of course I am not with the crowd but just a few). The style and fabric that I wear will definitely show VPL so why worry. Anyway, I guess almost everyone knows what is under that under/swimwear; no need to hide. Not sure why it is offensive for certain people. It’s just nature.

  12. Mark says:

    I like JM’s comments and besides, when you wear a narrow brief or thong, what else is left but VPL? If that was a problem, you would not be wearing them!

  13. Jeremiah says:

    I’m 28 married with no kids and always wanted to wear swim briefs to the pool but never had the courage until I was around 22. My wife says she likes me in swim briefs but has let me know if im showing too much VPL. It doesn’t really bother me as I have nothing to hide but I genuinely appreciate the self-awareness of this group in realizing that we have to be open to how we make others feel to avoid attaching a negative stigma to men in speedos. I have only ever worn Speedo and have a red, black, grey and navy 1” solar. The front pouch is a little small but it’s a compromise with my wife to avoid a big bulge or too much VPL. We have a trip coming up in September to the Dominican Republic and I really want to try a nude beach, I’ve talked about it with my wife and she seems open, she generally wears a VS thong so it’s not much of a stretch for her. I’ve never had the courage to try a thong mostly to avoid any people feeling uncomfortable and honestly have never seen another man in a thong on the beach ever. We went to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon 3 years ago and I was sad to see only 2 other men in swim briefs the entire week we were there. The best way for me to hide my VPL in my speedo is to lay my penis down over my balls, it’s uncomfortable but my wife is happy about it. Anyway I think the only way to normalize Wearing swim briefs is by having confidence and respect for others while donning the banana hammock in public pools and beaches.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Always great to hear of supportive wives when it comes to swim briefs. I think the Speedo Solars are pretty acceptable for any situation. I don’t think they show VPL very well in either up or down. I haven’t seen any guys sporting a thong anywhere I have been either. I don’t think I’ll get the courage to sport a thong at the beach.

    • John says:

      Jeremiah-it’s awesome your wife approves of your Speedos. Makes life easier when you know you have her support. You should try and expand your wardrobe outside of Speedo brand. I have some Aussiebum briefs with a slightly shaped pouch. Not as flat as Speedo but not at all a protruding, enhancement pouch either. Very comfortable to wear without being showy. They also have some fun patterns that Speedo doesn’t have. Take a look at the Insignia or the Tropics style.
      I’ll second your vote for the nude beach visit if you have the chance. Some friends and I got a chance to go when in St. Martin a few years ago and it was amazing. The next year we rented a private house in Costa Rica and it became clothing optional. It was such a freeing week!

    • T says:

      Enjoyed reading your post and it’s good that your wife seems to support your choice of brief swimwear,but I was slightly concerned that in an effort to conceal your VPL,you are prepared to suffer discomfort due to you feeling it necessary to lay your penis down over your balls,which apparently makes your wife happy. I’m sorry,but the fact is that most men will have some form of VPL when they wear tight fitting swimwear,and I think it is high time that we men should stop feeling guilty about what we have between our legs. If people don’t like it,they don’t have to look at it!

  14. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Anybody concerned about VPL and people being able to see that if you’re circumcised or not? I’ve tried on speedos that def show that I am circumcised. I’m in Europe and notice that European guys are generally not circumcised, so it caused me to be a bit self conscious of it.

    • RJ says:

      May seem odd, but I like seeing VPL on a guy with a tiny bikini, and like it even more when it shows off his circumcised member. Isn’t that one of the benefits to bikinis?

    • John says:

      I wouldn’t be concerned by it. If you’re wearing a swim brief people expect to see certain things, but honestly I don’t think people are really looking that closely to make a judgement on your circumcision status. Just enjoy!

    • RT says:

      I’m well-hung and I’m circumcised, and I love the way a tight thin bikini shows off my VPL! Guys have got to stop worrying about having a great body and just show it off! Be proud!!

  15. EJ says:

    It is what it is BO- everyone is different

  16. Mark103 says:

    If you’re wearing a thong or skinny briefs, of course people are going to look and if they’re going to stare enough to determine if you’ve been circumcised or not, you should be proud of your personal endowment to warrant such attention!

  17. steve says:

    I went away for the weekend in South Florida for a quick beach vacation. Since I was staying where a lot of Europeans and Canadians stay, there were of course a lot of men wearing speedos. This allowed me to fit right in without being self conscious. I wore my new red Speedo to the pool that really shows a VPL While I was laying out, this younger woman approached me and asked if the chair next to me was available. I said yes and she put her towel down, took her cover-up off and sat down. She immediately started talking to me asking where I was from. When I told her I lived in Florida she acted surprised. I asked her why that was surprising and she said I assumed you were Canadian because of my skimpy swimsuit. I laughed and said that I wear it to fit in with all of the tourists. So after awhile I was getting warm and excused myself to go into the pool. This was the first time I had worn this Speedo, so I didn’t know how it would look wet. As I walked up the stairs to get out of the pool, I could feel the fabric stick to me like it was painted on. I quickly looked down and realized that it was nearly transparent wet and you could clearly see my VPL and balls. This got me excited and I started to get a little hard. As I walked to my chair, she was staring at my package and smiling. When I got to my chair, I could feel my erection pushing out the fabric and she continued to stare and she said to me I really like how that suit looks on you. I thanked her as I stood in front of her drying off. It was very exciting to have her totally checking out my VPL as I stood in front of her. So I would say that I hadn’t planned that, but it turned out to be very cool having her see my outline and appreciating it.

  18. RJ says:

    This may also fall under the category of the other article on exhibitionism, but after the past year, couldn’t be helped. Had a chance to head south a while back for some Mexican sun. Decided I wanted to really show off, as was tired of being stuck indoors. Had some custom micro- bikinis made for me by Skinzwear, specifically their StuffIt half-back rio bikinis in unlined ThinSkinz white, baby blue, etc. Pretty sheer when dry, and no way to hide VPL. Transparent when I came out of the ocean from swimming, and fully manscaped VPL on full display. Felt absolutely fantastic to be so open on the beach!! Had plenty of admiring looks from women and men around me!

  19. Jeremiah says:

    It’s been awhile since I posted but my wife and I went to Turks and ciacos in 9/20 and Costa Rica in 12/20 and both times I wore a cheeky swim brief by Bodyaware and honestly got a warm reception. I had a few people ask where I got my suit. We try and stay at adults only whenever possible so I imagine it would have been slightly different if we were at a public beach. I’ve been wearing the solar speedo since I was 19 and I’m 31 now and can honestly say I’ve never experienced negative comments because of my VPL. Basically, any guy can wear anything as long as they exude confidence – if you don’t worry about your bulge or VPL then it’s likely everybody else will think it’s normal and go with it. My wife always assures me when I’m acting shy that I’m making a bigger deal than it really even needs to be.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Always good to hear of supporting wives, especially ones that help remind you to just act like it is normal. The Solar is a great suit and one I wear often to the local beaches here. Seems to all depend on location what people think about men’s skimpier styles of swimwear. I haven’t had any issues as yet where I live and I wouldn’t say it is that open minded of an area. The smallest locally I’ve gone is the Kiniki Riviera swim brief. Sounds like you had some nice getaways.

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