Share the Goods: Mike’s Swimwear Updates

Share the Goods: Mike's swimwear update

I wrote a “Share the Goods” article on my favourite bathers (Swimwear) back in December 2022 and thought you guys might like a little update on my swimwear collection and journey to wearing less to the beach, especially since I’ve been through two summers since then.

I’ve enclosed pictures of 20 different bathers, I’ve worn them all this summer (Aussie summer is upside down to you, Northern hemisphere types. At first, I was thinking how to list them, favourites, cuts, colours, styles, where I wear them? And then it hit me, over this summer I’ve been wearing bathers that are getting smaller, in physical size, pouch, sides and back and even in various amounts of sheerness. So, my bathers are ordered not by favourites but by size as I’ve been getting braver and wearing smaller “togs” to the beach.

I guess I’m lucky as I have the full support of my wife who doesn’t mind what I wear to the beach, as long as I don’t embarrass her in front of friends who may not know about me wearing skimpy swimwear. So, we have a bit of a rule, we frequent three different beaches and each one has a rule. Our local and nearest beach (3km away) is only for Bikini briefs, no thongs (although more on that later), the next closest beach is about 6Km away and I’m allowed to wear thongs and even G strings to that beach (she does too) as its unlikely anyone will know us there, this beach also has a risqué end where guys who want to wear a little less hang out. Our final beach is a nudist beach about a two hour drive away, so we don’t get there too much, but it’s a great ocean fronting beach with glorious sand and dunes, I’m allowed to wear anything there, even some outrageous g strings I have, but mostly we go naked.

I’ve bought over 25 different bathers this summer, starting with the first Budgie Smuggler I’ve bought with the cute rubber ducks, they were a matching set with a micro girls bikini for my wife, I bought them for Christmas and we swam in them on Christmas day, great fun.
Budgie Smugglers - rubber duckie

Two, three and four are Cocksox swim briefs, the white pointer, sea mist (light blue) and yellow, all of them are supremely comfortable, and hold my bits up and forward a bit, very sexy briefs, all are unlined and slightly see though when wet, which is also great fun for me.
Cocksox swim brief whiteblue Cocksox swim briefCocksox swim brief yellow

Five, six, and seven are the latest bikini swim brief from AussieBum, I like these are they are very low cut and have a three-quarter bum, barely covering my bum, but the side are very thin, which I love as I can get a better tan. They did come lined, but I always cut the liner out, so they fit me better.
aussieBum swim briefs

Eight and 9 are from AliExpress, I buy quite a lot from them, as they are so much cheaper than Western brands and if they don’t fit then I’m not out of pocket too much. This is the first year I’ve bought white bathers, but I’m loving them, especially now as I’ve got such a good tan, the Planet bathers are fun too, and very low cut, I normally wouldn’t have worn such low-cut bathers, but this year, I’ve really been pushing my comfort zone to wear something a bit more unusual.
AliExpress white swim briefsAliExpress space swim brief

10 and 11 are again from AliExpress, they are extremely well made and came with a liner, they are only slightly see though when wet, not enough for me to worry about or even my wife to worry about. The brief is a smaller bum than the AussieBum briefs and almost a Brazilian fit, the thong is wonderful, I really, really like it, as it fits so well, if I don’t adjust it, it slips down a bit, so it just show a bit of bum crack.
AliExpress half back swim briefAliExpress white thong

12 is yet another AliExpress thong but is very well made and is a little on the larger side, I think I can wear this one to any of our beaches, I love the nautical stripes, a great thong with a nice pouch.
AliExpress stripe thong

13 and 14 are both Cocksox thongs, I can’t believe I’ve bought so many this year, but I did get a few in the Christmas sales, so I saved a bit there. To me Cocksox thongs are the best! Yes, I’m Aussie, so a little biased but they are supremely comfortable, very low cut in the front and have a fantastic pouch that shows off my assets. Oh, and I love the patterns, I have a few other Cocksox thongs, but I wrote about them in my last article.
Black Cocksox thongCocksox pattern thong

15 is yet another AliExpress bikini, what’s a bikini doing in the smaller section you may ask? I actually think these may be underwear and not swimwear, they are outrageously small! very, very low cut in the front, if I wear a Cockring, then its visible, that’s how low cut they are and even although it has a bikini bum its basically a thong when I wear it, very, very thin and soft material, and of course slightly see through.
AliExpress white stripe string bikini

16 and 17 are once again, higher cost AliExpress G strings, and probably my favourites to wear this summer, very, very thin string sides, 100% NOT see through, lovely fluro patterns and a pouch that makes people look twice, these really are the best.
AliExpress g-stringAliExpress pink and blue g-string

I’ve also been experimenting with wearing underwear to the beach, a lot of my bikinis and g strings are Ice Silk, so very thin and comfortable, but they look like bathers until you get very close. The most risqué “bathers” I’ve worn to the beach this year is a Cocksox Mesh slingshot G string in purple and black, I usually, wear a Cockring with these but its only for beach’s two and three, not our local beach.

Well, it’s good to share my swimwear journey with you all, and I hope it’s given you some ideas and motivation to get out there and do your own thing.

Another thank you to Mike for sharing some more swimwear with us. If anyone else would like to put in a submission, check out my share the good post on how to.

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  1. Ray says:

    Wonderful descriptive narrative of your selection and your use of them as you become braver

  2. Kai says:

    This is something I been thinking on trying. My fear is being exposed while I’m known to do many people and with social media being harsh on respect, as a blk male, being straight. I will only feel I will be looked at as a homosexual, easy piece of tail. I wanted to get away from all that I know and just blend in wearing a thong. The problem I get hesitant on is being on someone else’s feed that would somehow lead back to some one I’m close to and hide my love for skimpy underwear to the point I would be casted as opposite of my masculinity breaking my confidence. Still I want to go to a place that I can go on as normal and seeing others comfortable without feeling I have to run and hide. Other problem I face is living in socal. I feel I would be uncomfortably harassed and stocked to the point someone would somehow run into me around my crowd and expose me like I hid I’m gay. I don’t know how I would live it down if someone thought they could invade my crowd and portray me to extreme embarrassment that no one would listen to me while I try to easy my way out of constantly trolling and looking down on me to the point I would loose everyone I’ve been close to all my life and find it hard to get a woman accepting to not look down on me wanting a relationship and creating a family before I get too old and end up alone.

    • DonS says:

      Kai, the issue you raise with being seen as gay simply for wearing skimpy swimwear is one that has been raised occasionally here over the years. So you are not alone. One commonly mentioned “solution” is to have a girlfriend/wife with you. The experience of a few of us here, and presumably of other men outside this forum, is that the presence of a woman with you really helps to dispel any notion of you being gay. Of course problems probably won’t occur every time you venture to a beach in your skimpy swimwear, but you only need a problem to occur once for it to make an unpleasant experience.

      Although you mention being worried about being come onto by a gay, there is also the issue of being seen as gay by any potential girlfriends. By the time you’re ready for a beach trip with her, you no doubt will have mentioned your like for skimpy swimwear, and she’ll either have accepted it (great), said she loves such styles herself (even greater) or rejected the idea and you (fine, that’s her decision, but it puts you back to the beginning).

      What sort of building do you reside in. If a stand-alone house on some larger block of land, then you might be able to walk around it just wearing swimwear. Otherwise, try a beach some distance away where it is unlikely you’ll meet anyone who knows you.

  3. T says:

    What a great addition to the share the goods series, Mike. Hopefully this will inspire more guys to send in their own collection of swimwear.

  4. Mike says:

    Yep, I get it, but I’ve got the support of my wife who supports my choice of swimwear and underwear, in fact she likes me wearing skimpier cloths. The only thing she doesn’t want me to do is wear thongs at our local beach, elsewhere she’s fine with it. We generally don’t post any pictures of ourselves on social media in our swimwear, with the odd occasions such as Christmas, we only got a few friends making funny comments, nothing serious, it was all fun.
    That said, I won’t make a habit of posting pictures of myself or my wife in thongs, we do take photos of ourselves, but they are for us and us alone.
    Each to his own, but we’re comfortable in our own bodies and really couldn’t care what others think, as long as we’re not upsetting people, we feel fine wearing thongs and G strings to the beach.

  5. OR-Tacoma says:

    Hi – what specific model are 16 and 17? Can you post links? How comfortable are they compared to cocked slingshots. I prefer extreme comfort and as minimal of a g-string or string thing as you can get (while still supportive).

  6. Mike says:

    @OR-Tacoma, 16 and 17 are maybe the most comfortable thong I’ve ever worn, and are one my top 3 best ever swim thongs. They are from Aliexpress and have maybe 20 different colours and patterns, check them out at

  7. OR Tacoma says:

    Thanks – I ordered some to try and compare against my favorites.

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