Share the Goods: T’s Thong Collection

Share the goods: T's thong collection

Time for some more from T’s underwear and swim collection. This time around in the “Share the Goods” series, we’ll be getting a look at his thongs.

T's thongs from KinikiTop left is a thong of unknown origin. Unusual pouch with three straps on the left which shows more skin and gives it a sexier look in my opinion. Below that is an orange thong by Kiniki. Possibly called Tonga,it has a roomy pouch and is totally see through. The two thongs on the right are also by Kiniki. The very skimpy pouch is attached to the narrow waistband by a metal ring,and is definitely not for the shy!
Kiniki Niki thongsAll of these thongs are by Kiniki and are all called Nikki. The red and black are skimpier than the blue and nude ones probably because they were an earlier version,and are more transparent than the bottom two. Very tight!
David Nicola and Kiniki ThongsThe pink thong at the top left is by David Nicola. Made of cotton and lycra. Bottom left is similar to the orange Tonga thong,but is not as see through. Top right is by Kiniki and is a blend of nylon and lycra. The sides are joined together by two plastic clips. Ideal if you want to remove it quickly,but the downside is that the clips really dig into your flesh and leave a noticeable imprint when you take it off. Still a very sexy string bikini with a narrow back.The bottom right should probably be on my “what was I thinking” list. Another Kiniki creation. This is an incredibly tight thong which has a lace effect which I disliked intensely. See through too,but never likely to see the light of day again! 
High Street thongsTop left is a Kiniki thong. Comfortable,but I was never a fan of thick waistbands! The other three were some of my earliest thongs. Bought in a Gents High St store back in the 1980’s. The pouches and under strap had a velvety feel and were very comfortable,but I would have preferred a narrower waistband.
department store thongsThese three thongs were also bought in a department store in the days when men’s thongs were on racks next to briefs(changed days indeed). Identical design and a choice of at least four colours.
Bulgaria thongA very daring  see through thong made in Bulgaria. Love the metallic looking stripes on the sides of the pouch.

Thank you T for another submission to the “Share the Goods” series. Below is a poll, where you can vote on the style you find most interesting from the collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

4 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    Nice collection, T! They all look so good, I can’t find a favorite to vote for. I agree with you about not being a fan of wide waist bands. All of your thongs/g-strings look sexy and fun to wear. And to all you thongers out there: SHARE THE GOODS.

    • T says:

      Glad you liked the thongs,Greg. Funnily enough,I still haven’t voted for my favourite one. If nothing else,it shows how much variety there is within the definition of a thong and hopefully will encourage more guys to experiment with different styles until they find the perfect fit for them.

  2. DonS says:

    The orange fabric of the Tonga resembles that of the former Salsa G-string, so could easily be the same. Plain nylon (i.e., no Lycra) and a bit rough feeling. The fabric might have been better used by kids to catch tadpoles rather than for underwear. No longer made now I see from the Kiniki website.

    • T says:

      You summed up the Tonga thong very well,especially the slightly rough feeling of the nylon. However,you’ve now got me wondering if my genitals resemble tadpoles in a child’s fishing net? Don’t think I’ll be wearing it on a beach anytime soon,just in case(lol).

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