Share the Goods: Blkmlthng Thong Collection

Share the Goods: Blkmlthng's Thong Collection

Welcome back to Blkmlthng to the “Share the Goods” series with his thong collection. He shared his bikini collection at the end of last year. Here is what he has to say about his thongs.

Blkmlthng's Thong drawerSome time ago I participated in a share the goods for my bikini underwear. Today while putting up my laundry I thought I would share a few of my 100+ thong and g-string underwear collection. This is a collection that I have been building for 20 years with a few of my originals still in tact from the beginning. It’s amazing that I can fit everything in one drawer neatly and organized but I have as seen here.
Blkmlthng thongs collection oneHere are some of my favorite styles and brands of men’s thongs. Some of these are recent and some are what I call vintage. I love underwear with patterns and prints. The Papi and Obviously brand thongs are my top choices in comfort and style, I like my thongs to have a waistband, it’s just a personal preference but I like the ones that don’t like my leopard print Prevail Sport, yellow Cocksox, Camo Cover Male and black and grey patterned Ergowear. In this picture are some vintage thongs that were from my college days 20 years ago when I first got into men’s thongs, the Undergear and the Jockey are from that time and have held up nicely. The Gregg Homme orange and blue g-string is the brand that makes up the majority of my g-string collection. They are supper comfortable and great to wear.
Blkmlthng Thong Collection TwoIn these pictures you will find the majority of my vintage thongs and g-strings and the pairs that got me into wearing and expanding my collection as it is today. The Calvin Klein and 2xist are the first pairs of men’s thongs I ever purchased 20 years ago when I was an 18 year old freshman in college. These pairs along with the Undergear and Jockey men’s thongs in the previous pictures are special to me as this is where it all started in my journey of wearing this type of underwear. The three Gregg Homme g-strings are the first G-Strings I ever wore. I found these about ten years ago on sale on CheapUndies and decided to buy them as the price was so good. They are sexy, supportive and comfortable. I have worn them many times under my dress suit pants at work, under jeans or khakis during date nights with the wife and under shorts during casual days. The Cocksox Gstring is new fairly new and offers great support and comfort also. The snake print thong is a vintage prevail sport item that I just threw in for memories also. It was also one of my first men’s thongs purchase 10 years ago when I finally accepted and realized this was the type of underwear that I enjoyed and was going to wear. Thanks for going down memory lane with me while I put up my laundry!

That wraps up Blkmlthng’s overview of his thong collection to the “Share the Goods” series. Below is a polls, where you can vote on the style you find most interesting from his thong collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

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  1. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Blkmlthng

    Such a great collection. Must say these pieces makes me want it all. Was always a fan of Obviously thongs. Although I have yet to add them to my collection.

    Wishing now I didn’t throw away my first thongs. Albeit they were such a disappointment that I almost gave up.

    Again great collection. Love to see more but keep thonging and stringing.

    • Blkmlthng says:

      Thank you. I have several Obviously thongs in my collection in different colors, they are super comfortable and the bulk I got when they had an annual sale and they were greatly discounted. I also have lots more in different styles, brands, colors and prints.

      Like you I threw a lot of my first thongs away, mostly Joe Boxer and Underwear Exchange, Jake Taylor and Merona thongs initially found at Target and K-Mart but glad I kept the few that I did.

  2. T says:

    Great collection,especially the g-strings. I’m also impressed that you can fit them all into one drawer. Mine are spread over 4-5 drawers,so you’d be welcome to come over and organize them(lol).

    • Blkmlthng says:

      Thank you! I have several g-strings mostly Gregg Homme but a few other brands are in the mix. All my thongs and gstrings fit in one drawer, surprisingly, but it is a pretty big deep drawer.

      My other three drawers are filled with my string bikinis, bikini brief underwear.

  3. Greg says:

    The snake print Prevail Sport thong at the bottom of the second photo appears to be a Micro Thong. I have 15 Micros in my collection. Great fit and support in their narrow pouch. Too bad Prevail has gone out of business.

    • Blkmlthng says:

      Yes I also have the other color in snake print and red and black zebra print in that style. I’m glad I still have some prevail sport items in different styles and prints. It’s a shame they weren’t able to stay in business.

  4. David_NC says:

    Love your collection, you and I have similar tastes – you just have a lot more than me. Papi is also one of my favorites, however I’m disappointed that Papi isn’t making a lot of thong choices right now and the ones I can find are marked up. I hope that will soon change. I had the same Undergear thong in red, but trashed it because the extra piece of material under the band would roll or something – may have just been too much material. What is your honest opinion of the Jockey thong? I have a vintage (20 year old all cotton), but not the one – it seems like it has way too much material in the front and sides. Again, great collection and jealous you have the snake skin Prevail sport – I kick myself for not buying from them.

    • Blkmlthng says:

      Appreciate it David_NC! Papi has slacked off with their thongs but I got several from Cheapundies for a great price and the animal print ones I found on Amazon prime recently for what I thought was a reasonable price. My honest opinion of the Jockey men’s thongs as they aren’t all that great and they aren’t all that bad. I have tried and worn some brands that were horrible and were very uncomfortable. These thongs have more of a sentimental effect for me as they along with 2xist and Calvin Klein got me into wearing men’s thongs.

      I’m really glad that I got into ordering from prevail sport before they closed as I had some of the same regrets with Undergear/International Male brand.

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