A Look Back on Summer 2020

Swim Bikini Brief Summer 2020

Wasn’t quite as much beach time as I thought may occur this year with all the restrictions in place for other activities we usually try over the summer. We did do slightly better than our 1 to 2 trips in the past. Not by much, but they were a bit different. I’ll go a little more in depth on them in a bit. There was quite a bit of time spent in the kid/family pool this summer too, so I did get a decent amount of swim bikini brief time.

We had some nice weather in May, so we got things started off a little early in the yard. The hose was broken out for some hose water fighting to help beat the humid heat. Soon after that the kids wanted to wash the cars, which came with a little surprise. I started with getting the hose from out back of the house. When I was coming around towards the driveway I heard my son say hi to someone. To my surprise there was the Fedex guy with a package. He handed it to me and said have a good day. Didn’t notice it phasing him seeing me in an aussieBum 1.5 Classic swim brief. I may have seemed more surprised than him. It was the first time someone has come upon me at the house when I was sporting a swim brief. The rest of the summer was uneventful at the house.

Now our first beach trip of the summer was to our normal beach, which is typically less crowded than other lifeguarded beaches. On the day we went it was the busiest it has ever been the times we have gone to it. We weren’t sure if it was due to less places to go because of covid-19 or that it was a couple days before the 4th of July weekend. Either way it was on the busy side. As usual we picked a spot in the guarded section of the beach. Of course we made sure we social distanced though we like to leave plenty of room anyhow. Then I did my normal routine. Set up our area, remove the sandals, shirt, and drop the shorts. This trip I revealed to the beach goers my Speedo Shoreline swim brief in black (pretty much the same as the Speedo Solar). We spent 3 hours or so there. A lot of the time was spent in the water making it hard to get much sun on the needed areas. Though I got enough that it gave slight swim brief tan lines mainly up front and not the rear.

Our second trip didn’t quite go as planned. It started off with a late start. Then we got to our normal beach and it was parked full. So to answer our question from our last trip about busyness, it must be because of the lack of places to go due to the virus. Plus some of the more popular beaches were limiting the numbers in the parking lot. With it parked full we headed to the next beach with facilities and lifeguards, which has more parking. This beach was busier than our normal one, which is typical for this one. It’s also a narrower one, but we were able to find a social distance spot in the guarded area.

Like our normal beach it had similar beach goers. A few more in the teenage and college age, but also had families and a variety of ages of adults. We know I was the only guy in a swim brief, but quite a few young females in Brazilian like to 3/4ish bottoms. There has been a couple times when I seemed to have the smallest suit on the beach in the past. So I’m always happy when there are females joining in on smaller bottoms even if they are the younger ones.

Why am I talking a bit more about swim suit size? I decided not to go with a Speedo Solar this time and kick it up a slight notch. Not a big notch, but to a suit that is probably the skimpiest I’ll wear at the local beach. I went with my Kiniki Riviera swim bikini in royal blue over my black pair. The sides are pretty close to the Speedo solar, but the pouch is a tad bit narrower than the solar. The wife was able to spot the difference with a bit of whiteness from the slight tan from our first trip. The back is where things step up a bit. It is a ¾ back cut though I’d lean it towards a conservative one. Still more cheek showing than the solar. So far this trip was the most people I have introduced to my swim bikini brief wearing. Along with it being the smallest suit I’ve worn locally.

On our third and final trip, I decided to go back to a Speedo solar in black. It’s one from before they went to the lycra xtra life. This trip we got to the beach we typically hit. The parking lot was fairly bare, which we thought it was because we got there a little earlier than our other times. We set up between two lifeguard chairs, but when noon rolled around no lifeguards showed up. Guess that explained the less crowded beach than the last two trips. Other contributions could be some school districts started along with colleges. With no lifeguards it meant no swimming. That worked out fine with the water being rougher than the kids have been there for. They did have a good time playing slightly in the water with the waves. It was also nice we didn’t have to worry much about social distancing. No guessing needed on the smallest suit of the guys. Actually I beat out most of the females the majority of the time on this trip. Wasn’t until closer to the time we left when a group of probably tweens came that were wearing bikinis. Also a little before them showing up, a young lady walked by in a dress cover up. She walked on down the beach past us a ways before removing it. Her reveal was of a red bikini suit that I’ll call a Brazilian back (definitely approaching on a thong), so she won the skimpiest suit for that beach.

Sadly with the amount of time I spent in a swim brief, I didn’t get much sun to darken up the thighs and bikini area much. Really it seems I only got a little color from the sun on my whiter areas on our first beach trip. I did at least introduce a lot more people to a guy in swim bikini briefs than in previous summers. Hopefully, it enlightened some people that guys can wear that type of swimwear. If we’re lucky, even encourage a guy to at least think about it or a woman to suggest giving it a try to their guy. Probably wishful thinking, but that is about all we can do to try and get more guys in them. How did everyone else’s summer work out this year? Did you break out against the norm swimsuit this wear for the first time? Go a bit skimpier with the pair you wore? Move from swim briefs/bikinis to thongs? Let us know.

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  1. NE says:

    I declared 2020 the summer of the swim brief and sported one on every outing to the beach, the pond, and the river in our neighborhood. First summer wearing one and no regrets!

  2. NE says:

    I bought several different styles of Aussiebums. The one I work most frequently was the black classic 1.5 but the girlfriend (and I) found the pints on the Party On swim briefs pretty fun!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I have the black 1.5 classic too and a pair of the surge swim brief that I occasionally pull out. What prints did you go with for the Party On. Little more bolder than the solid colors.

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    The confidence is really kicking up.

    So glad to hear this. Wishing you will stick to the kiniki and solar briefs for a while. Then that’s your new borderline.

    Who knows you might go 90s on them with a 1/4 back. Hehe

    I don’t know if it is breaking news but it’s a step. Jockey being an established brand in my country. Started to sell g-strings on their website.

    Although these g-strings are like briefs in front and think side bands.

    I saw them on two major online stores by now. Which is a great step. As on the one store it was sold out the other listed it as normal price.

    Hopefully jockey brings better styles or more skimpy. And the online stores keep going.

    Thanks so much for great article.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      The Solar Speedo will be a staple at the local beaches. Will probably throw in the Kiniki Riviera at times too along with some others. Probably not going to go smaller. Thongs are illegal locally, so will play it safe and still will stick closer to fuller backs! I’ve heard from a few people that last few years that the Jockey thong is comfortable, but looks way too much like a brief too me. Thongs should have less fabric. I don’t know if they’ll bring out anything smaller or not with it being around for a while already. Can always hope for better styles from mainstream brands.

  4. SM_Thongguy says:

    All true.

    Really hope Jockey would go with a skimpier thong cut.

    Until then it’s a step.

  5. T says:

    Great to read Nate’s account of his speedo wearing summer and his steady progress towards wearing ever diminishing suits. How about a thong by 2022?lol. If I was to write about my visits to Scottish beaches this year, this would be a blank page. Thankfully, my annual trip to my Sicilian paradise went ahead, and as some of you will know,I like to give followers of the blog an update on the locals’ swimwear choices. Pleased to tell you that speedos are still popular with all age groups, and are not confined to the beach. Saw several guys wearing them on bikes, walking in the street and even standing at mobile food vans. The local souvenir shop also had a selection of speedos on display. Swim shorts are also popular, but thankfully very few board shorts were spotted. Sadly, my c-string that I take to the nudist zone in case a quick cover up is required, was claimed by the sea when a huge wave unexpectedly hit me and the guy I was chatting too. As well as the much missed c-string, my Italian phrase book was swallowed, and my phone , which was in my bag, got soaked and ruined. The other guy lost a shoe, much to the amusement of the onlookers(lol). Hopefully the string might eventually wash up somewhere and be found by a guy who doesn’t think it’s a hair accessory. As always, I had plenty of g-strings with me that I wore under my shorts on the way to the sea, and for a short time at the zone before removing. Can’t beat an all over tan(lol).

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      No thong wearing will be done at the local beaches here. I don’t really want to wear any bracelets or empty my pocket book.

  6. Florida Smoothie says:

    This last summer (2020) I visited my favorite Northern Michigan secluded beach. When I arrived was disappointed to find all textiles. (Don’t they have any respect for the nudists!?) Had to make do with being nude in my dune and watched for some nudism. A textile couple came, the guy had on a skimpy black Speedo under his board shorts. They went into the water after he put on his shorts. Put on my black g-string to leave. Had to walk past the couple in the water. When he saw my g-string he came ashore and removed his shorts. As I came up to him, remarked I wasn’t the only one with a skimpy swimsuit. Chatted a bit and told him I skinny-dip but there were too many clothed to do it, but I was nude back in my dune. Continued around the bay and was skinny-dipping to cool off before leaving the secluded section. A guy comes from the other direction and tells me he has the same swimsuit, assuming I am nude. Figure he is also a nudie and start chatting with him. I came ashore and was nude on the beach. He removed his trunks and we talk about nude beaches we have visited. We went into the water to cool off. The Speedo couple walks by on their way to leave. I waved and the woman waved back enthusiastically with a nice smile. Her husband must have told her about my skinny-dipping and nudity in the dunes and she must have like it. Also, she saw my g-string and must have liked it, too.

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