2019 Year End Wrap Up

End of Year Review 2019

It is again time for my year end overview. I’ve been struggling lately to get my weekly posts out and have been missing some. Personally, things are changing, so still working on figuring out how to fit writing for the blog in when I’m not mentally drained. To help me out the suggestion of the “Share the Goods” series came about. Thanks to those that have joined in on that so far. I’ll continue accepting submissions for it if anyone else wants to share.

I’ve also been struggling with my interaction with everyone. Been trying to respond to emails in a timely manner. Then get to comments on the posts when I can. The forum kind of brings up the rear, but T has been doing an awesome job with responses there. Though the forum had been on the quiet side of late.

The newest change to the blog is I’ve started using Amazon for ads (US only at the moment). This could lead to advertising commission for me. My polling on adding ads had most people not minding ads being included. I’m seeing this as a way to help with costs of the blog. I’ve been trying to pick items that are decently rated to have displayed in the advertising. Some are bikinis and thongs that I’d like to try. Hopefully you are not finding them intrusive. If there are certain products you want to see let me know.

Like in the past, I want to thank everyone that comments and interacts on my posts. Also those that interact with me through email, social media, and/or chat. Without your interactions there really wouldn’t be The Bottom Drawer blog. You’ve helped me reach the goal of creating a place where like minded individuals can discuss minimal underwear and swimwear without being judged.

Hopefully I can get back into a routine soon and can figure out fitting blogging in. I’d like to bring the Married Str8 Trio back and my counterparts are game. So if you have any topic suggestions, let me know below. Please bear with me as I try to get my act back together with blogging. Happy New Year!

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  1. T says:

    Would like to take this opportunity to wish all the followers of this blog a Happy New Year and also encourage them to continue to support the guy who makes the blog possible!
    Thank you Nate for another year of inspiring,informative posts which help us realize we are not alone when it comes to our desire to wear underwear and swimwear that society would deem odd or just downright wrong!

    On the subject of adverts in the blog. I suspect very few of us are fans of adverts on tv,and probably use the time to switch on the kettle or pop to the loo,but in this particular case,I think it is absolutely fine because the items being promoted are all connected to the thing that brought us all here in the first place i.e Underwear. If it also helps Nate with the cost of running the blog then surely it’s something we can live with?

    I have really enjoyed helping Nate moderate the forum,and would encourage those of you who haven’t paid it a visit,to give it a try. The range of topics covered is broader than the main blog and I find the contributors are more candid and willing to discuss more personal topics. Although selfie photos are not posted,followers can post links to their private pictures, and email addresses can be exchanged in confidence via the private message service.

    Nate would love to see more of you send in pics of your underwear/swimwear collections for the “Share the Goods” series,and speaking as someone who has already done so several times(lol),it is fun to see which of your favourites receives the most votes from like minded enthusiasts!

    Finally,let our New Year resolutions include being more bold about declaring our love for skimpy undies and not to be disheartened by negativity from those around us,EVEN our nearest and dearest! In other words “KEEP THONGING!”

  2. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Nate

    Hope you well. It’s that you finally getting something in return to maintain the blog financially. Let’s hope it becomes more tangible.

    As always thanks for a great blog which connects men all around the planet- giving us a backing that there is still men who dare to be different in their own way.

  3. Greg says:

    Congratulations on another successful year blogging. I discovered TBD in early 2018, and it’s been fun reading what all the other underwear/swimwear users have to say. Thongs and bikinis are normal for all of us, so it’s great to have a place for guys to talk about them. I think it’s fine to have thong/bikini advertisers included. It will give you some revenue to keep the blog going, plus it gives us more companies to check out. I’ve been addicted to thongs for over 15 years, and in the immortal words of T: “KEEP THONGING”.

  4. DonS says:

    Although I haven’t commented for the last three months, I have been following what you have been saying. I’d still say one thing lacking here and in the forum is comments from women. Other than that, some adverts don’t bother me and keep up the good work in 2020.

  5. Jr says:

    My affinity for “out of the norm”underwear started with the purchase of fruit of the loom bikini briefs in 8th grade. Since that time I had always kept the skimpy underwear (bikinis) a secret for fear of what friends and partners would say. Up until 2017 (when I found this blog) my drawer consisted of briefs, boxer briefs and some bikinis. As a str8 male I had never considered thongs or g-strings since I was worried of what others would think. Its because of this blog that I took the plunge into skimpy underwear (thongs/g-strings) and swimwear (swim brief). I will say I’ve had some positive as well as some negative comments regarding my choices but as a late thirties male and with encouragement from folks on this here life is too short to let others influence what underwear or swimwear I wear.

    Thanks for having a place where the like minded can gather and I look forward to what the future will bring.

  6. Tacoronte says:

    I am at Spain, and I see the Amazon´s ads.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I think everyone sees the ads, but only get affiliate fees with US orders is my guess. Thanks for the feedback on visibility of them and good to hear from you.

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