2019 Thong Favorites

2019 Thong Favorites

I’ll be doing a similar switch a roo with my thongs as I did my bikinis. I’ll be dropping one off the list to replace it with a thong I reviewed this year. Then some slight movement of the other pairs. You can check out last year’s thong selection here. I decided to drop off the Bruno Banani Blood String. Really it was a hard decision to drop this one with it being a pretty solid comfortable thong to wear. I do have several thongs that could be on the list, so it is always hard to make a choice of my top five. Here’s what I decided on for this year.

5. Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer
Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer
Although I’m not sold on how these look on still, I do like how they feel on and pull them out regular for a bit of a change. I do like how the pouch holds the package, which earns them some points. Then the back reminds you that you are wearing sexy underwear while still being comfortable. The sides are wider than I like, but can sort of bunch them up to look narrower. Being a bit different allows them to keep their number 5 spot.

Available at Mensuas

4. JM Natura Thong
Another one staying in their last year spot is the JM Natura thong. This is a conservative traditional cut thong. I would like it to have less front coverage, but the fabric is what makes this thong. It is a very comfortable thong, which I still think edges out the more talked about Skinz thong from JM. Both are great fitting comfortable conversation cut thongs. The softness of the Natura fabric is what makes it stand out and it’s one you can wear and forget you have a thong on.

Available at JM, but only black now.

3. Daniel Alexander DA780 Thong
Daniel Alexander Thong DA780
This is the newcomer to the list at number 3. I can’t believe I let this one sit around some long without giving it a try. The coverage of this thong is great front and rear. Being able to pull on a thong without having to adjust the back is a great thing to have in a thong and this performs well at that. The fabric clings and holds you nicely up front too. Since reviewing the thong, it’s been coming out of the drawer fairly regularly.

Available at Mensuas or Daniel Alexander.

2. Intymen Sports Thong
Intymen Sports Thong
The Intymen Sports thong was new to the list last year and I’ve bumped it up to number 2. I’ve added a second one this year and if I see a price I like, I’ll add another one. I am surprised the star rating of it on my review is only 3 out of 5. I’ve found it to be a great fit for me. The built in boost with the elastic at the base of the pouch is a nice way to give your package a bit of a lift. Overall excellent comfort and good support. It was a great option for my trip to Florida this summer, which involved a lot of walking around. It is a bit on the pricey side at regular price, so wait for a sale.

Available at Mensuas

1. Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
I still have to stick with brand loyalty and keep the number one position with the Prevail Sport string thong. I’ve been wearing them for years and I enjoy the cut and fit of them. The right amount of coverage for me and good support. I of course added some more pairs of these before they close their doors for retirement.

Available at Prevail Sport and Cotton/Lycra version


What were your favorite thong(s) to pull out of the drawer in 2019?

5 Responses

  1. SM_Thongguy says:

    Great list.

    I’m happy to see the risky boxer thong make the list.

    Currently I am awaiting something similar. So let’s hope it’s comfortable and that I feel good in it.

    The DA 780 is being raved about. Fubderwear can’t get enough of it as well.

    Makes me jealous, not even Amazon ships Daniel Alexander to my country.

    Let’s hope Aliexpress has something similar.

  2. Funderwear says:

    Have you tried any of the Gregg Homme thongs? I personally love the xcite and feel it thong. I would highly recommend both!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      No, I have not yet given them a try yet. They are on my splurge list, since they are on the pricey side. Will try to hit a sale at some point to give them a try.

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Funderwear.

    Unfortunately not. None of the name brands are affordable to me. Or justifiable right now. After converting to my own currency, shipping and local taxes. I’ll be paying quadruple the price

    I monitor Amazon for sales but often shipping is not fulfilled to my country.

    So right now it’s wishful thinking.

  4. Funderwear says:

    Gregg Homme is definitely on the pricey side but definitely worth it. Hisroom.com has sales often on Gregg Homme as well as the Gregg Homme website. Those are my favorite places to look for sales!

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