Doreanse Euro Thong (1392) Review

Doreanse Euro Thong 1392I’ve been looking at trying several of Doreanse underwear styles especially with them being at a reasonable price in my book. My first attempt at them is their Euro Thong, style# 1392. Now the first thing I noticed with the thong is the strong fragrance coming from it. For some reason they place a fragrance disc in the packaging, which was a bit overpowering for me. At least it didn’t hang around after washing. The second thing I noticed about them is they looked pretty similar to the French thongs I got from Undergear and really liked. Basically it’s a v-string cut without the string sides. They have traditional thong sides at 1” width that comes to a V in the back which then attaches to the pouch with a 3/16” string. So great for those that do not like much fabric between the cheeks.

These have a narrower v-front center seamed pouch compared to the French thong, which I like. I also believe the fabric is higher quality and feels softer. The fabric is a blend of 45% modal, 45% cotton, and 10% lycra. The thong does have pretty decent support considering the small string for the tail. I also think the lycra in the fabric helps out some with support too. I’d still avoid real active things like running while wearing them, but an excellent choice for everyday wear. The thong has a brand tag sewn on the left hip with the Doreanse name on it.

Doreanse is made in Turkey and this pair is to be washed cold and hung to dry. Personally I’m liking this thong and would order more in the future. Overall I think it is a great cut. The pouch cut is right how I like it not too narrow and not too wide. Holds the everything right where they belong for me. I like that it gives the traditional thong look, but with the g-string tail between the cheeks. Only concern with it is that it may be a model that is being discontinued based on sites stock of colors and sizes listed seem to be less. Let’s hope not.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Tail Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up

Additional Photos
Doreanse Euro Thong 1392 FrontDoreanse Euro Thong 1392 BackDoreanse Euro Thong 1392 Pouch
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  1. Billdirk says:

    Great review, I also purchased these during the fresh pair sale. I love this thong as well, and it made me go out in search of more of this brand, since as you mentioned the prices are so reasonable. I own about 10 different Doreanse thongs now, all made with the same fabric blend. Super comfortable, you should check out the online retailer audace. They have tons of Doreanse thongs and other cuts from them.

  2. nat says:


    I would like to buy some of these as i really like this style. What is the sizing like. Would you say that they are running large, or small, or true to the sizing guide. I generally fit very well in size L thongs. Body art, bruno banani I wear L. The only pair that i wear xl is fredy string. Are you able to make a comparison to any of these brands, or to any other brands that you know??

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, Unfortunately I haven’t tried any of those brands yet. They seem to run true to size to me. I’m a 32 or 33 inch pant size and medium fits me fine, which says 33-34. So maybe if you are border line sizing up might be fine. Pretty much every brand I have tried a medium works fine for me. Maybe some one else can chime in.

      • nat says:

        Thanks for that. I’m actually a 32-33 pant size aswell. I’ve just ordered a large as i tend to be large in those other brands. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. Billdirk says:

    I also find this brand true to size I am a 32 and a medium fits well also.

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