Review: Aliexpress JQK Thong (JQK311)

AliExpress JQK311 ThongOf all the pairs I bought off AliExpress from Brave Person Official Store, this one is overall the best all around. This thong is brand JQK and the model number they use is JQK311. It’s a pretty traditional cut thong. I find it to be the right snugness and comfortable.

The construction of it seems to be pretty good, but time will tell for sure. The pouch has the flat center seam I like best. The pouch gives the right amount of support and is roomy enough with the nice stretchy fabric. It’s what I consider a wide cut pouch (probably considered a normal cut pouch), since I like a little less coverage. The fabric is a nylon and spandex blend. They refer to the fabric as mesh ice silk. I don’t really consider it mesh, but it has some sheerness to it. It’s a lightweight fabric and depending on the color picked there will be some degree of transparency. They do have a silky feel to them. It’s a great lightweight summer thong fabric.

It’s a traditional cut back that for me is very comfortable. You do tend to know you have a strap between the cheeks, but still comfy. I’ve given them a pretty good trial run and am happy with the feel of them. The tail is about 1″ wide. They sides are about 1″. You do want to pay attention to their size listings, because I’m a medium and based on their sizing I’m a large. Seems to be typical for Chinese underwear that you’ll be a size or two larger. Their size charts appear to be accurate though. The brand of the thong is advertised at the top of the pouch with a black tag. They say the can be hand or machine washed cold and tumble dry low. I hang them to dry like most of my underwear.

This is a thong I would buy again from them. You can get them for $3 or less a pair on sale. Normal list is only $4. For the price I think the thong is worth it. I see them as a pair I’m not going to worry too much about, since they’re not expensive. I wouldn’t typically wear a new pair for working out or doing yard work, since I think sweat can wear a pair out quickly. This pair I would be fine wearing for whatever for the price.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.5
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Tail Comfort: 4.5
Recommendation: One thong up

Additional Photos
AliExpress JQK311 Thong FrontAliExpress JQK311 Thong BackAliExpress JQK311 Thong Pouch
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