Review: AliExpress Brave Person Bikini (B1133)

AliExpress Brave Person Bikini B1133The Brave Person Bikini (B1133) is a solid pair of bikini underwear that I bought from the AliExpress store Brave Person Official Store. I find the bikini to be comfortable and great for everyday wear. It’s a pretty good fitting bikini especially for the price. Though I wouldn’t mind a little less back coverage. I consider it a full back, but not as full as others.

The fabric is kind of a silky satiny feel to it. It’s a blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The blend gives it some stretch and clinginess. The pouch is a flat front with some stitching at the base of the pouch to give it a bit of contouring. The fabric allows it to stretch nicely to hold the goods reasonably well. I like that the fabric is on the light side. It helps keeps things a little cooler, so great option for summer.

The sides of the bikini measure about 1/2″, which is a nice width and allows showing the legs off. At the top of the pouch on the waistband is a black label with the brand name Brave Person on it. It had a label printed on the inside back with content, care instructions, and size. That wore off after one washing. I machine wash and hang them to dry.

As I said on my other reviews of stuff I bought off AliExpress, you need to pay attention to sizing to have a better chance of them fitting you. Still no guarantee, but this seller seems to be pretty accurate. These retail for about $5, but you should be able to get for about $4. I would buy these again. For the price I wouldn’t worry about what I wore them for like I do for more expensive bikinis. It’s a decent bikini for the money.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.5
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: One thong up
Additional Photos
AliExpress Brave Person Bikini B1133 FrontAliExpress Brave Person Bikini B1133 BackAliExpress Brave Person Bikini B1133 Pouch
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4 Responses

  1. John says:

    I don’t own this particular bikini, but do have a few other Brave Person styles. They make a nice product for a good price. The styles I have are made with a more defined pouch which offers some nice shape and support.

    I like your reviews. Keep up the good work. Any chance you could add photos of your review pairs on models or yourself? It’s sometimes difficult to get a sense of their cut and style when photographed flat.

    • Brave Person brand is one I actually heard of before buying this pair. I’m happy with this one for the price. I understand a photo of the pair being modeled would be good. Just not ready to plaster my photo up yet. Also don’t want my blog to be a place to come for photos. I could ask brands for permission to use theirs, but like to try and use my own original images. My compromise I’m looking at doing is photos for the swimwear I review. But hard to find the time to do that. Plus would like those photos by the water.

  2. Waylon88 says:

    My wife purchased this particular brand and cut for me. They are very comfortable for daily/active wear. I wouldn’t wear them to swim however.

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