Review: AliExpress JJSOX Bikini (NK34)

AliExpress JJSOX Bikini NK34This is the disappointment of the batch of underwear I bought from the AliExpress store Brave Person Official Store. The bikini is branded JJSOX, which is on a black tag at top center of the waistband. I like the overall cut of the bikini, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit how I would like them too.

What I don’t like the most is there isn’t enough snugness or support with the pouch. Not enough pouch support is a big deal breaker for me. This pair has to do with the pouch design and some with the fabric. I think it is suppose to be sort of an anatomical pouch, which isn’t my cup of tea. Then the fabric is 95% modal and 5% spandex, so it isn’t real clingy. The fabric is however nice, soft, and very comfortable. The pouch has the typical center seam and normal frontal coverage.

The other change to these would be making them sit a little higher on the hips. They are a low rise pair, but close to too low for my tastes. I do like the back cut. It is around a 3/4 back, which is the coverage I prefer. The sides of the bikini are about 1”.

I guess for me these would be okay for lounging. Maybe better just for sleeping in. I’d most likely would not buy these ones again because of the pouch and rise of them. The cons do not outweigh the pros with this bikini. If the pouch was snugger it could sway me to buy again. The regular price of this bikini runs about $5. Should be able to get them under $4 on sale. As with all items bought on AliExpress pay attention to the sizing charts to make sure you get the right size based on your waist size. Don’t go by just your normal underwear size.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 3.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: No thongs up
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AliExpress JJSOX Bikini NK34 FrontAliExpress JJSOX Bikini NK34 BackAliExpress JJSOX Bikini NK34 Pouch
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  1. E.J says:

    I bought some stuff from Ali express in the spring.I was looking for the least coverage possible-they sent me women’s underwear instead of mens tear drop front pouch it was from candy cherries, I squawked to them they sent replacements for men-they wanted to avoid a dispute.These g strings have a small metal ring connecting pouch to waistband-kinda cool.Then ordered more from another seller, the pouch is too small even for a woman.i squawked to them, they replied it’s unisex.Just like the alleged mens tear drop, 2nd batch looked nothing like the pics.Ill stick with ones I know for now-open to any suggestions for new stuff

    • Asian stuff a lot of the time run small all the way around. Didn’t have an issue with sending the wrong thing, but one seller all the stuff was too small. The other seller everything was pretty good for sizing.

    • RT says:

      Amazon will ship something similar in packs of 2-5. In my case I love them. Fit is what I expected. Very low in the front and covers half or a little more on the back. I Like BD reviews! I should give it a shot and review Joe Snyder Sock It collection.

  2. E.J says:

    Yea a lot of their stuff looks good in pics-most stuff I liked was on mannequins they have to keep a PG rating I guess.Their prices are very reasonable but with certain stuff it’s like a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re gonna get

    • Even when they are on a guy they’re not always what you expected. I order a pair that was one size fits all and based on the model it appeared they should have fit me better. You definitely aren’t going to know what they’ll be like until you get them. At least they aren’t that expensive for the most part.

  3. E.J says:

    I’m a little gun shy tryin new stuff after that.Ill go to Mensuas for DA string bikinis & g string thongs.Ive been to a lot of web sites, got a few DA bikinis from amazon-which has 1000’s of underwear too many to see

    • Before I started blogging, I stuck to a few brands mostly. They’re still probably my top choices. I have found a few additional brands I like, since experimenting with others. I’ve only ordered underwear once from Amazon. Was an Asian brand and went on sale, so thought I test them out. It’s hard spending the money on some of the pairs not knowing if you’ll like them. So can understand sticking to what you know.

  4. E.J says:

    It wasn’t all bad-the replacement g strings candy cherries sent me I like-1st g strings that have a small metal ring at each end of top of front hooking to waistband

  5. Fred Borg says:

    let’s try a new pair