Underwear Support: Bikinis and Thongs

Underwear Support: Bikinis and Thongs

There is a wide variety of support you can receive from underwear. You know with boxers you’ll be getting none. I usually list one of my reasons for liking bikinis and thongs is because of the support. However depending on different factors the support really can vary. Probably the same for any styles beside the boxers.

I like to have good support most of the time. I want something snug so I’m not moving about throughout the day. I don’t want to be squished and jammed in the pouch, but firmly held in place. You’re not going to get that from most of the mainstream men’s styles and brands from the big box stores that a majority of guys wear. I’m sure some are better than others. Hard for me to really say, since it’s been a long time since I have worn any other styles from my preferred bikinis and thongs. I can however compare the string bikini styles that I have worn from the big box stores.

The ones I got when I started my journey into bikinis were better than the Life by Jockey and Hanes one that have been offered at Wal-Mart. My favorite was Brut string bikinis from Kmart. However hard for them to compete with the non mainstream brands. I’d say that is the case for the so-called norm in men’s underwear styles too. Support in underwear comes down to the fabric and pouch design. Maybe can also include in there the strength of the elastic for the waistband.

I think bikinis and thongs still are a better choice for support over other styles. What I like about them is you have the option of varying pouch width from just enough to cover you to a full frontal coverage. I prefer something in-between, which I refer to as moderate coverage. A narrower pouch reduces any left or right movement especially in the up position. I think it is easier for these styles to have different contour pouches incorporated into them over the norm styles. Then with thongs your getting better support, because the tension is front to back with the tail between the cheeks. I feel that gives better upward lift to the package.

All of that support could be lost if the waist band isn’t strong enough to hold you up. That goes to fabric too. If it is too thin or isn’t clingy then your not going to be held nicely in place. Now for me there are times I go for less supportive pairs, but I go for support more often than not. That means pairs with lycra like blends are what I go for. I enjoy pairs that kind of mold to you.

So what are your thoughts of support? Do you like a lot, a little or something in-between? Are you a bikini and/or thong wearing partly due to the support they can offer?

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  1. Bill says:

    Support is why I started wearing thongs. I was having a lot of pain in my boys. My doctor told me to throw away my boxers and wear bikinis or thongs. At first my girlfriend that I married had me wearing Victoria Secret Second Skin Satin. Told me they were unisex till I got use to wearing them. Then she told me they were panties and we found me mens thongs. The point is that they stopped the pain in my boys. So why wouldn’i ant guy be willing to wear them???

  2. Danny says:

    I like to be supported, and slightly pushed out forward. I hate the feeling of a squished pouch. The David Archy bikinis from Amazon are perfect for me. Unfortunately they seem to be on clearance and will not be replaced.
    When I’m actually doing exercise or running, I normally wear under armor or some thing conventional.

  3. Pm7 says:

    As a part time bikini/thong wearer whenever I pull out the boxer briefs I always find them lacking the support and comfort bikinis and thongs offer. I think a major part in the comfort is keeping the boys separated from your legs…

  4. T says:

    The amount of support you require definitely depends on the degree of activity you may or may not be considering.Anyone who has watched male sprinters going full speed can’t fail to notice that their packages bounce around like crazy even though they are wearing skintight lycra shorts and possibly jockstraps too! I’m not sure if a thong or bikini would lessen the amount of movement they experience running at those speeds,but I do wonder if they suffer pain and discomfort as a consequence of such uncontrollable thrashing about?
    I don’t suppose many of the blog followers fall into the same category as those guys,but we can still have comfort and support issues. I personally don’t like my package to be squished,nor do I like super tight waistbands. I find this tends to be less of a problem with g-strings than it is with bikinis. I remember wearing some bikinis that were so tight in the pouch and waistband,that when I went to spend a penny, I had to pull them down because I couldn’t get my penis out the side or over the top. Needless to say,using public urinals was not without its challenges(lol). The opposite is when the pouch has too much room, and even though you start the day in the up position,pretty soon you are at 6.30.whether you like it or not.

  5. David_nc says:

    It depends on the activity I’m doing how much support I want. If just lounging around the house a basic bikini or thong will do; but not too tight, I feel T’s pain – I’ve had some bikinis that were so tight trying to pull out from the side or top was difficult. In my boxer brief past, I have tried brands such as Under Armour that claim good support for the athlete; while I did like the cooling aspect of the material, I didn’t feel like my package had support. I also tried Saxx for their “ballpark” and while it did do the job of keeping my package and legs separate to avoid chaffing it was too much material between the package and legs. I have thick thighs, so if I know I will be doing a lot of walking during hot summer months I do like a pair of Tommy John trunks, they are a light material, cooling, snug on my thighs to avoid chaffing, they do a better job of keeping my package supported, but still not as supported as bikinis or thongs. The Tommy John brief is also comfortable, I wish they would make a man’s thong or bikini. The Jockey Sport string bikini is great for exercise or other physical activity, the material is great, cooling, sweat wicking. The band is thick (about 1.5 -2 inches) so the string bikini doesn’t shift or fall; however the band can be a bit tight. At least tighter when compared to the Jockey Sport brief which I also recommend for its comfort. I agree with PM7, part of my comfort is keeping my package separate from my legs. If I’m doing physical activity I like to be supported, but not squashed – thongs do a great job to keep you supported and cool if you select the right material – never pick cotton if doing a lot sweating, you’ll regret it. When I first tried string bikinis, around age 13 I guess, also K-mart brand, probably Brut or something similar, I realized how much more support they had compared to the boring boxers I had been wearing. So yes at least one factor for me wearing bikinis and thongs is the support they provide.

  6. Daniel K says:

    Prevail had gorgeous and pratical attire! I was very disspointing when they closed the doors!

    • Pm7 says:

      Wish I had the opportunity to buy some before they went out of business!! Everyone seems to like them, makes you wonder why they went out of business.

      • The Bottom Drawer says:

        They went out of business only because the owner decided to retire. Not sure why no one picked up the business. There was a hint it maybe last spring, but heard nothing more of it.

  7. JR2 says:

    I certainly like support that bikinis and thongs give , definitely better that then the few boxer briefs that I have. I think that the support also depends some on the fabric as well . I liked the thong and bikini styles first before finding out the nice they supported me. For working out and sports I have a few thongs that I wear, but for the most part I still wear jockstraps.

  8. DonS says:

    The support for comfort has been mentioned, but it is also recognised that there is a medical need for support at times. Although this would apply only to a small fraction of wearers at any one time, for those who need the extra support at the time supportive underwear can be a blessing. We’ve covered this before somewhere, but it is officially recognised. I could not find anything about this on the Medicare (Australia) website, but it is on the NHS (UK) website:


    So I certainly wear my string bikinis partly for the comfort through the support obtained, and for the looks although I know they are hidden. Having suffered a urinary tract infection on Australia Day last year, I know the support they have offered for pain reduction has been worthwhile.

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