New Year’s Eve Underwear Traditions

What your underwear color says about the new year?One of my readers brought to my attention an underwear New Year’s Eve tradition that is mostly done in South American countries. The tradition seems to vary some from country to country based on different things I’ve read. Basically, the idea is depending on the color of underwear you are wearing to bring in the new year depicts how things will go in the coming year. Most things I’ve read mainly talk about red and yellow underwear and the meaning of the colors vary slightly. This is the general idea of some of the colors I’ve come across.

Red Underwear

Red underwear brings romance and passion.

Yellow Underwear

Yellow underwear brings good fortune and prosperity.

Green Underwear

Green underwear brings better luck than the previous year.

Blue Underwear

Blue underwear brings good health.

Pink Underwear

Pink underwear is for luck in love.

White Underwear

White underwear is for peace, joy, and happiness.

Black Underwear

Black underwear is for if you want bad luck in the new year!

Wondering if you get any benefits for wearing multi color underwear to bring in the new year? Get a little of each in the coming year. If you want a better chance of one of these happening, it is best to have been gifted new underwear by someone for the special occasion. So go out and buy your loved one(s) the appropriate underwear for the new year.

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  1. T says:

    Can’t say I’ve heard of this,but it sounds a bit like a weird superstition. My favourite colour for underwear(purple)is not featured and would anyone really avoid wearing black underwear in case it brought them bad luck? I say wear whatever colour you want, but just make sure you’re not wearing boring boxers.

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